Irondequoit Plaza Discount Wine & Liquor

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525 Titus Avenue, Rochester, NY 14617 [Directions]
Hours (as of April 2007)
Monday - Saturday: 9:00AM to 9:00PM
Sunday: Noon to 5:00PM
585 467 8420

Irondequoit Plaza Discount Wine & Liquor is a Liquor store located in Irondequoit.

I checked out the web site and it rocks! Lots of interesting stuff like videos and links to different places. No prices or on-line ordering though, at least from what I saw. The store has a 20% discount on cases of wine that aren't already on sale. You can get different brands in the case too, they don't all have to be the same wine.


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2009-12-11 18:22:34   This was my regular place - just down the street. NOT ANYMORE! Little snot nosed Danny told me he wouldn't take my order over the phone so my assistant could pick it up. After ordering 6 bottles, I asked for more single malt recommendations, Danny saId there were too many and I needed to come in since he was too busy. I pressed, he suggested JD and JBeam - nice. These guys just lost my annual liquor budget because of snot nosed Dont give a fuck about the customer Danny. —Bryan

2011-01-11 12:09:55   Went to Irondequoit liquor... I'm a regular customer there. Most of the people are very nice, however, the shrew of a woman who was working this morning gave me a bad taste in my mouth, and I feel it's not important to give them my business any longer. My friend Heather from the Cheetah Whores went in with me today... total rock star with PURPLE HAIR. Well, this woman behind the counter gave us both the DIRTIEST LOOKS, and was just PLAIN RUDE! Irondequoit liquor, you have LOST A GOOD CUSTOMER WHO KNOWS MANY PEOPLE... RUDE! —suziwillpower

2011-03-05 19:22:06   I went there a few days before new years 2011. Decent selection, but I agree with the other posts. The lady behind the cash register needs to find another line of work. Try collections. —MrPhil