Kurt Andrew


Kurt Andrew Indovina (b. Aug 9 1990) is an artist located in the Rochester NY area. He is a published writer, B movie film star, independent musician, film maker, and comic book illustrator.

To his fans he is known as “Kurt Andrew.” He felt that his last name would be too complicated for people to pronounce correctly, so he decided to use his first and middle names.

Kurt Andrew claims himself as a “one man band” act. Being a multi-instrumentalist, he uses a laptop on stage, alongside many other instruments that he frequently rotates through during songs. "Being a one-man band is personally better for me due to how much of a perfectionist I am, and I don't find myself ever having to argue with anyone else about the outcome of a song. But it's definitely far more time-consuming and can be stressful at times trying to figure out what to do next," says KA.

He can be seen in several productions of Low Budget Pictures playing a variety of comedic roles. Best known for his role as Edgar Mullens in 'Taintlight', a spoof on the popular Twilight. And Max Havok in 'Geek War.'

On October 21st 2011, he released his first single entitled "The Tide".

On June 12th 2012, he released his debut EP "SOUVENIRS".