Hot Sauce


In Rochester, hot sauce most commonly refers to a greasy spiced sauce containing bits of meat. This type of sauce is used to top Garbage Plates, as well as burgers at Bill Gray's. One of the lesser known ingredients in the sauce is actually cinnamon.1

Rochester-style meat hot sauce is sold by the bottle at Wegmans - look for Coach Tony's Gourmet Hot Sauce.

Other local sauces with a spicy kick include Karma Sauce Company, PepperNutz ROC City Hot Sauce, Boss Sauce, Country Sweet and PaPa Al's Hot Sauce, all of which are excellent cooking sauces.

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2006-05-17 16:09:49   Rochester "Hot Sauce" is nothing more than grill scrapings, a mixture of grease and meat particles. If you're not from here, it'll catch you off guard every time, when you're expecting Tabasco and you get this goop of utility meat. That may sound gross, but it's really quite charming. —TobinFricke

2007-02-08 11:22:30   It is not really grill scrapings. Actual ground beef goes into the recipe, as well as spices and brown sugar. —BadFish

2007-02-09 11:13:27   Check out [WWW]Cosmo's Limitless Sauce a locally created newcomer. —ThomasMyers

2007-03-19 15:00:05   does anyone have a basic reciepe for it? I've always wanted to try to make it myself, but didn't know where to start. —JohnJoseph

2007-06-05 23:58:34   It's a little more than a basic recipe, but here's what I've come up with over the years: [WWW]Nate's Plate Hot SauceNathanHenderson

2007-07-25 22:40:49   Cool, thats what I'm looking for. I just wanted something with atleast a rough list of the spices they put in there. I'm really bad at tasting something to figure out whats in it, a starting point to start experimenting from. Thanks —JohnJoseph

2009-07-19   What you guys call "Hot Sauce" is strikingly like [wikipedia]Cincinnati_chili, a delicious concoction which includes, among other things, a bit of chocolate. *drools* —PaulFisher

2009-09-15 11:12:41   TobinFricke couldn't be more wrong. I worked at Nick Tahou Hots and the hot sauce is not grill scrapings or "utility meat." It is a lard-based sauce, cooked with a bunch of regular ground beef, onions, and chili spices. —AlexDouglas

2010-04-02 11:55:52   Something to try - I noticed that when I cook up frozen ground turkey - specifically the Pride of the Farm, 1 lb, Taco Seasoned, the texture and taste is similar, to some of the Rochester Hot Sauces I have tried. Just add something like onions or peppers, pepper (tabasco type) sauce, cinnamon, sweetener and other flavors if you like, and it is real close, real cheap, low fat. I found mine in Wal-mart, it is a plastic wrapped tube or sausage shape, and after defrosting I cooked with a little water (not fried) for about 15 minutes on low heat. Cost about $1.30 a tube in February. Adding fatty meat or oil for the greasy taste and texture of the original is your option. —JackGreenky

2010-10-09 16:07:15   Basic recipe, 1 gallon oil, 5 Lbs fatty ground meat, 1 cup orange food coloring. if no food coloring is available a spent fuel rod from Ginna Power Plant can be substituted. heat and serve. —NewtonNola

2010-10-11 07:10:42   Any particular sort of oil, or would 5W30 synthetic blend work OK? —Users/RyanTucker

2011-06-30 14:09:26   I went to this cooking school when i was in H.S and a student there created this recipe..its the best! Ive been making it since 2003. *Hot sauce Swan Style* 2 1/2lb ground beef, 1/2C chopped onion, 1/2C chopped green pepper, 6 cups water, 2T soy sauce, 2T Brown sugar, 1T tabasco(i put 2 in tho) 1T vinegar, 1T chili powder, 2 cloves garlic minced, 1T dry mustard, 1t. cinnamon. -1.) Sweat onion, green pepper,garlic in stock pot 2.)Add ground beef and all other ingredients except water 3.)let simmer for 5mins 4.)add water bring to boil 5.)reduce to simmer for about an hour, stir occasionally to prevent meat from burning on bottom of pan 6.)Great served immediately but seems to get better if it is allowed to cool and then reheated. All credit goes to Bill Swan.(i think that was his name) —JustinM

2012-08-18 15:50:55   Hot sauce from Rochester is quite a bit like Cincinnati chili. It also reminds me of the meat sauce on a NY System weiner (a chain in Rhode Island). I'm sure it's good for you. ;) —DocPMM

2013-07-14 17:29:07   Anyone know of a recipe for the Al's stand Hot Sauce. I can find everyone's from Schaller's to Tahou's but nothing for Al's Stand. —RickE