Mark's Texas Hots

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487 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY, 14607 [Directions]
48 Lake Avenue, Rochester NY, 14608 [Directions]
24/7 never closed (Monroe)
585 473 1563 (Monroe)
585 423 0669 (Lake Ave)
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Mark's Texas Hots is a 24-hour diner on Monroe Avenue. They serve a "Sloppy Plate", which is their version of the infamous garbage plate.


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2008-03-30 14:47:29   Nothing fancy, just good, cheap food. What else can I say? —SaraChristine

2008-05-15 03:01:05   There is indeed a parking lot behind Mark's. It's even paved now! Wacky. I don't think their towing service is all that good, but I think they got some complaints because I've actually been asked which car is mine while dining there lately, presumably to keep it from disappearing while I ate my meal. —PatrickHarris

2008-05-18 17:14:23   Pretty good version of the garbage plate - served with crinkle cut french fries rather than homefries. I do not care for any hot sauce on it so I can't give a comment about it. —MVPujols

2008-05-19 11:42:38   Ok diner fare, but the place needs a major remodel or hosing down. Great for late night food at 2 or 3 AM. —MrRochester

2008-08-27 16:30:43   The quintessential late night eatery as far as i'm concerned. I always opt for the cheeseburger special. The price has barely gone up at all on it since I started going there over 10 years ago. Even when this place is packed to the ceiling, the service is lightning fast. I can't say much for the company there on a weekend night, but the food is by far the best diner food around. —AlexD1234

2009-01-06 19:57:16   Decent food at low prices, but don't go there on a weeknight for dinner! I've gone there on weekends during the late-night rush, but never for dinner on a weeknight. What a mistake! There were a bunch of sketchy people with extremely poor hygiene (smelling of poop and cigarettes, I kid you not!!!) and rude table-side manners. One man kept hacking up phlegm very loudly which made everyone at my table gag. Don't get me wrong, I go to diners all the time and never expect a fancy atmosphere, but this was just a disgusting experience. Stick to Mark's for breakfast or post-drinking fare, but avoid at dinner time! —TrishHeckmann

2009-01-26 13:41:23   My friend was in the hospital hooked up to an IV for 4 days after he ordered a hot dog garbage plate. Enough said? I used to go there for their grilled cheeseburger and fries, which was good but since I've grown up and stopped getting wasted during the week and hanging out in the city I've seemed to not ever go there ever again. —PersonFace

2009-07-17 12:32:58   Used to go here all the time but they have just recently raised all the prices on their menu items. Also, watch out for the more expensive menu they give out late night. Now that the food isn't really cheap, there aren't a whole lot of other reasons to go here... —GioD

2009-07-25 01:59:33   I just went here with a few friends on a Friday night. After being short changed, we called the waitress out asking how our bill stacked up. She "corrected" our bill by saying we were off another incorrect amount of change, when really each menu item was overcharged by over a full buck. After calling us assholes for pinching pennies, we payed for the bill as it should have been with a correct tip, and the bouncer told us we were banned for life. Even if it's a late night dive, I was severely disappointed that the waitress would verbally assault us for her mistake in the bill. The plates were nothing above average and the customer service was completely out of line. Avoid Mark's, or at the very least, call them out on their bill. Be careful. —gandhi

2010-04-17 23:33:15   I think it is a great Restaurant. Ive known the owner for thirty years and he always gives you a great plate. The hotsauce is excellent. You never walk out of there hungry. The waitress gives great service and is very friendly. Out of all the restaurants I reccomend Mark's. —RaymondPresicci

2010-10-26 12:44:27   Went there the other night with my friends pretty late, I have never had such horrible service. My friends got garbage plates and I got chicken fingers. We waited about 45-60 minutes for our food to come out. The guy told us that it was because of the chicken fingers, chicken fingers should not take this long! I wasn't that mad but my friend was and when he went to Mark, Mark told us that he didn't care that he was too busy. He walked away from us while we were trying to talk to him. So then we told him that we wouldn't come back and he told us that he didn't care, that he had a line outside the door waiting. I have never been treated so poorly at a restaurant in my life. The worst part is that the chicken fingers weren't even that good! The bbq sauce was crappy and it cost $7 for 4 chicken fingers! I will never go back there again. —EmilyDarby

2010-11-14 16:44:27   My roommates and I got plates here last weekend. Easily the worst plate we have ever had, and we have had many. They skimped on the sauce, the fries were cold, and I found a nickel sized sharp piece of plastic in my plate. I have called in 3 times to speak to Mark or whoever runs the place and keep getting ignored. Will not be returning —ddm3411

2011-02-24 21:12:18   I'm not sure what all this nonsense is about awful service at Mark's. I'm part of a group of RIT students (Computer Science House) that goes on Mark's runs weekly, or even more often than that, traditionally at midnight. They're always friendly and glad to see us, and can keep up whether there's 6 or 60 (!) of us. They serve the best plates in town.

To be fair, we tip them like crazy. Standard CSH etiquette is $10 for a full plate and $8 for a half plate. That could be why they are always so nice to us. However given the friendly demeanor of the waitresses that are always on when we're there (which, again, is usually at midnight or later), I would expect them to treat first-timers the same way. Also, the strawberry milkshakes are a treat.

Also, if you have health issues, don't eat garbage plates. Duh. —fuhry

2012-12-27 15:17:17   Very inconsistent food here. Order the same thing every time and some times it is horrible, other times great. I don't agree with increasing prices at night, and charging gratuity on to-go orders. (especially when waitresses mess up the order) —ClarissaBrown

2014-12-28 11:48:03   I was there last night. While waiting for our to go order to be prepared, my car was towed. No warning whatsoever. I was legally parked in the back parking lot. I tried showing the towing company my receipt but it made no difference to them. I was forced to pay $129 to get my car back. Be careful parking here. —ChrisMWorden