Tsingtao House

2831 West Henrietta Road, Brighton, NY 14623
Hours (as of September 2015)
Monday - Saturday: 11:00AM to 9:00PM
585 272 8008
Wheelchair Accessible
[WWW]2015-10-07 Democrat & Chronicle
[WWW]2015-09-30 City Newspaper

Tsing Tao is a Chinese restaurant in Brighton. They serve Flushing-style Chinese food, which is common in big-city Chinatowns, but hard to find elsewhere. Popular dishes include cumin beef and dumplings.

Opened in May 2015.



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2015-09-27 17:02:36   I had to Google this due to the reference to "Flushing style", which confused me as I had never heard of it in reference to Chinese food. I think that the writer at the D+C was confused too, or at least she didn't write her report very well. She seems to be referencing this as if it were related to China, for example like Cantonese, Hunan, or Szechuan style cooking. But there is no "Flushing" style Chinese food from China. As best I can tell, this references Flushing, which is a neighborhood in Queens, NYC. So I guess if you want to eat Chinese food that is similar to that served in New York City, that's fine. But we shouldn't think this food has anything to do with any region of China. That said, I do look forward to trying it. —DottieHoffmann

2015-09-29 16:51:28   I knew immediately what the D+C writer meant when she said "Flushing-style", as would anyone who ever lived in NYC. Flushing has a large Chinese community, second only to (or, now, perhaps greater than) Chinatown in Manhattan. Its restaurants are superb, with more authentic flavors than in neighborhood take-out joints. In the four years I've lived here, I've yet to find a Chinese restaurant that I've liked; I'm hoping this will be it. —ChristinaGutt

2015-10-20 12:26:00   Does anyone know if there are any vegetarian options? —rxscabin

2015-12-19 15:04:02   I went here a few weeks ago. I don't eat meat so we ordered the eggplant and the baby bok choy with mushrooms. I asked the waitress to spice them up a little, since they're not spicy dishes. Both were great, fresh, high quality, properly cooked and with a bit of spice. The chef came out to make sure that the spice was at a good level, which was nice. I'm looking forward to a return visit. —brianm

2015-12-30 19:21:07   Delicious! Very different from most of the Westernized Chinese places around town. Highly recommended. —karlos