Wiki Community/3000 Pages Party


3000 Pages !

Since we've just passed the 3,000 pages mark I think we should have some kind of event to mark this. That is a ton of user generated content in two years, much of it very high quality. I'm going to be putting out a few local press notices, and try to get the word about us spread in the community a bit, but nothing too serious.

Where? When?

I (Far) propose we meet at Boulder Coffee Co. Friday March 9th at 7:30ish to hang out, chat about wiki stuff, and imagine where we will go from here. From there people that want to go out to bars in the South Wedge can figure things out then, and be in walking distance. That is just my idea, I'm up for suggestions, but lets decide before Monday or so.

Does anyone can suggest a better location, or a better idea?


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2007-03-03 18:42:19   I dunno... I wish there was a website that had a ready reference of all the places to meet and gather in the area. Anyone up for starting one? ;-) —RyanTucker

2007-03-03 18:48:46   I'm up for meeting at Boulder Coffee Co.. —AdamDewitz

2007-03-03 19:19:02   Ryan, I was just brainstorming about that. Maybe have a site that people can submit reviews? or Edit pages about places? Show up to Boulder friday, and we can talk about making that happen... :p —FarMcKon

2007-03-04 10:33:57   Congratulations ROCWikians! Wish I could join you for a brew! —MichaelWoods

2007-03-05 16:19:15   Sorry guys-I work M-F 3:30-Midnight...can we do these on Saturdays? —PeteB

2007-03-06 14:38:24   Ryan, the problem is already too many websites avail themselves of local information, scattering reviews and comments all over the Web. Adding another probably helps none the more. Instead, search engines and other aggregators would work better. One initiative, [WWW]microformats, can help by enriching pages with bits of XML to help all kinds of engines and aggregators sort and present the information, usually as a search or aggregation (Web 2.0) request. This is probably where our wiki should be heading. And as of now, Friday works for me! —JohnLam

2007-03-06 15:29:11   Friday's good for me, too... —RottenChester

2007-03-07 12:52:59   Sorry Pete. I tried to get out to the list before I posted this time/date. You should suggest a time for the next 'planning meeting' time and place so you don't get bump from that. I'll be there Friday. —FarMcKon

2007-03-07 15:47:25   Sounds like good fun. I'm in —EastSideStephen

2007-03-10 09:46:12   I think I arrived too fashionably late. Oh well. I'll try to show up on time for the 6,000 pages party! —EastSideStephen

2007-03-10 16:44:18   Sorry we missed some people - we moved about an hour in because the music started and it was too loud to talk. We need to figure that out for the next party. —RottenChester

2007-03-10 19:26:12   Sorry we missed folks! —FarMcKon