Cats & Critters

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32 Somerton Road, Rochester NY 14607
Hours (as of November 2023)
Monday - Thursday: 8:00AM -6:00PM
Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday: 8:00AM - 2:00PM
Sunday: Closed
585 442 4373 / 585 442 3487
Wheelchair Accessible

Cats & Critters provides veterinary care for cats, small mammals and exotic pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, prairie dogs, sugar gliders and degus. They are located in the Park Avenue Area.

Formerly affiliated with Monroe Veterinary Associates, they were acquired by [WWW]Thrive Pet Healthcare in 2021.


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2006-10-24 11:33:30   I've brought my cats to Cats & Critters for about 5 years, and have always been extremely happy with their care of both pets and owners. —ChrisYoung

2006-10-25 10:01:04   Had a stray cat I took in neutered and the whole process went smoothly. —TravisOwens

2008-01-02 12:20:10   Everyone here has been really nice to both me and my pet. They even called to follow up a week later, which really impressed me. —SaraChristine

2009-07-30 23:01:24   Dr. Couture and staff were very kind to my rabbit and our family. They were very knowledgeable about his condition, very kind and supportive. They called several times to follow up. Prices were reasonable. I highly recommend this practice if you care about your pet! —crichards

2011-04-02 19:26:14   Cats & Critters has the most empathetic, polite staff of any vet I've yet been to. —dphil97

2014-05-28 10:44:02   My 10 year old cat fell ill on March 21, 2014. I contacted my vet to schedule in an appointment and due to my work schedule they were unable to accommodate an appointment and based on what I was told my cat was in need of immediate care. Mind you, I pay a monthly fee to bring my pet to the vet I usually bring her to. Services there are covered by "insurance" and "free of charge." I called multiple places to see if anyone could fit in my cat, and Cats and Critters business hours actually lined up with my work schedule. I called and they were extremely concerned about my cat's condition and told me to bring her in immediately. Even offered to let me drop her off, seeing as I was at work. I left work brought Lola to their facility and was told I would receive a phone call in a short while. Sure enough, I received a call stating my cat was hostile, and they wanted to sedate her with a tranquilizer to calm her down, do a rectal exam, and a urine screening. I asked at that moment "how much am I looking at? I do not want to get hit with a big vet bill in the end." The vet responded "$60.00" I gave the go ahead, and the vet assured me that anything that came up from the testing, or further action would be discussed via phone call. Two hours past and I received nothing, so I had a friend call for me because I was at work. My friend was told that they were waiting on the testing and that they would call back shortly. I was called and informed that my cat had something going on with her bladder and was told a couple different directions to go from there. I opted to go ahead with antibiotics and asked at that point how much they were. I was quoted $15.00. I then said OK and verified that the $60.00 of work earlier and the $15.00 from the antibiotics were my charges. She then apologized for "misleading" me into thinking that the charges were only $60.00 and in fact my total was $250.00. I was astounded, and said I was under the impression that I would have received a call if the charges changes at all. She then dropped the price to $200.00 when nothing was in fact taken off of the bill, she just changed the total. I said I would discuss this when I came to pick up my pet. When I arrived there I was pulled into a side room and they went over my charges with me. I told them I understood that there was a miscommunication, and when I was called and requested a total I was told $60, and not told at all about fee's they applied to my bill. I told them that I have a vet, and I pay good money there for my services. They were unable to fit me in, and although my services would have been covered there I opted to bring her to Cat's and Critters based on the sole fact she needed immediate attention. I specifically asked about charges, because if I was quoted what they were actually going to charge me I would have waited until the next day to bring my cat to my own vet where it would have been covered. The manager then said "fine." Discounted the bill to what I was told my bill was going to be. I was then informed that they would not fill the script for my pet only write one out because of their error!!! They refused! I was polite and said that I understood and that I would bring the script to my own vet. I was brought up front squared away the bill..which was at that point written out to under $200 when they had told me $250 over the phone. They marked a refusal to pay reverse charge on it as well. I waited for my pet to be brought out and when she was I was then verbally attacked in the lobby. The woman said to me "we dropped everything at the drop of a hat to get your pet in here today." I said "thank you, I really appreciate it. I do not want you to think that I dont. I also said I understood about the miscommunication and would recommend them to anyone who asked." She then accused me of knowing how much the visit was going to be, and claimed that I knew how much services like this cost. Which, I in fact do not. Which is why I asked over the phone. She then stated that I brought my cat there because it was "less expensive then my current vet." I told her I make good money, and was not trying to pull a fast one one them. I also defended my vet, and stated that they are actually CHEAPER! I was treated horribly, quoted the wrong prices, and accused of being a con-artist! Never in my life have I ever been treated so poorly at a facility. They failed to take any responsibility for their misleading price quotes, and accusations they threw at me. I am truly appalled by this company, and its employees. —Melissak

2014-05-28 15:55:58   My prairie dog got sick with a simple urinary issue. They ran tests found crystals in his urine and told me to just keep him hydrated and prescribed an anti-inflammatory and then an antibiotic. Over the span of three visits (for each of which i was charged a full appointment visit fee) i spent around $700 but he did not get better so i went to another dr. the next dr i saw said the crystals would not go away unless his Ph level was brought down to a normal range allowing them to dissolve and creating a normal environment within his bladder. with the new treatment he immediately began to improve and after a couple more weeks was 100%. spoke with cats & critters regarding charges i incurred and lack of progress from their treatment. i was refunded a measly $35 for one of appointments (which wasn't even an appointment he was just dropped off and sat there for hours with no communication to me).

now almost two months since the last visit there i have found they accidentally charged my credit card which was on file because my name and number were so close to another client. complete crap will NEVER go to this vet again even if that means i have to drive 1.5 hours to Buffalo to see a vet that can treat my exotics. —kristinab