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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

2019/Openingslast modified 17 hours 52 minutes ago
Pizza Stop Pittsford Plaza scotthendler
+ Pizza Stop scotthendler
2019/Closingslast modified 17 hours 52 minutes ago
+ The Reunion Inn scotthendler
Gone, But Not Forgottenlast modified 17 hours 53 minutes ago
+ The Reunion Inn scotthendler
Restaurants/Areaslast modified 17 hours 54 minutes ago
- The Reunion Inn scotthendler
- Hoopla, + Pizza stop in Pittsford scotthendler
Barslast modified 17 hours 55 minutes ago
- The Reunion Inn scotthendler
Culver Roadlast modified 17 hours 56 minutes ago
- The Reunion Inn scotthendler
The Reunion Innlast modified 17 hours 58 minutes ago
Eastview Malllast modified 18 hours 2 minutes ago
- sears scotthendler
The Mall at Greece Ridgelast modified 18 hours 3 minutes ago
- Sears and Bon Ton scotthendler
Searslast modified 18 hours 5 minutes ago
Removed Eastview Mall address, closing Marketplace location scotthendler
Pittsford Plazalast modified 18 hours 12 minutes ago
(No comment) scotthendler
+ Pizza Stop scotthendler
Pizza Stoplast modified 18 hours 15 minutes ago
Added Pittsford Plaza location scotthendler
Users/ReyTuckerlast modified 18 hours 54 minutes ago
update ReyTucker
add some flavour ReyTucker
Upload of image reytucker.jpg. ReyTucker
add more deets ReyTucker
archive old comments ReyTucker
update ReyTucker
Wiki Community/Historylast modified 19 hours 17 minutes ago
name update ReyTucker
Donatelast modified 19 hours 19 minutes ago
update ReyTucker
Wiki Community/Hostinglast modified 19 hours 20 minutes ago
update ReyTucker
Users/ReyTucker/Archivelast modified 19 hours 24 minutes ago
archive old stuff ReyTucker
Saginaw Plazalast modified at 01:54 PM
fixed hemp sol peteb
CBDlast modified at 01:54 PM
(No comment) peteb
HempSollast modified at 01:54 PM
Page deleted (no comment) peteb
Hemp Sollast modified at 01:54 PM
Renamed from "HempSol" (fixed name) peteb
Window Town Romelast modified at 06:00 AM
Page deleted (This wiki is for information local to Rochester only, thank you) DottieHoffmann
(No comment) WindowTownofRome
(No comment) WindowTownofRome
Jerry's Jewelerslast modified at 03:40 AM
(No comment) jerrysjewelers
(No comment) jerrysjewelers
(No comment) jerrysjewelers
(No comment) jerrysjewelers

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Monroe Avenuelast modified at 04:43 PM
+ Laser skincare of Rochester scotthendler
Pittsford Place Malllast modified at 04:40 PM
- Pittsford Laser Spa scotthendler
2018/Openingslast modified at 04:39 PM
+ Laser Skincare of Rochester scotthendler
Salonslast modified at 04:37 PM
- Pittsford Laser spa, + Laser Skincare of Rochester scotthendler
Laser Skincare of Rochesterlast modified at 04:36 PM
(No comment) scotthendler
Renamed from "Pittsford Laser Spa" scotthendler
Pittsford Laser Spalast modified at 04:22 PM
Renamed to "Laser Skincare of Rochester" scotthendler
Schramrocks Irish Publast modified at 04:16 PM
Added no to alcohol since Liquor license was suspended. scotthendler

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