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Monday, August 10, 2020

Cornerstone Presbyterian Churchlast modified 9 hours 6 minutes ago
update: worship times; link to main site /sunday for covid19, online RoyMarriott
Spiritual Organizationslast modified 10 hours 39 minutes ago
Covenant Presbyterian merged w/ Memorial Orthodox Presbyterian > Cornerstone Pre RoyMarriott
2020/Openingslast modified 13 hours 23 minutes ago
+ Root 31 cafe at Eastview Mall scotthendler
Root 31 Cafe & Eaterylast modified 13 hours 25 minutes ago
+ second location scotthendler
2020/Closingslast modified 13 hours 39 minutes ago
+ The Silverball Saloon scotthendler
Gone, But Not Forgottenlast modified 13 hours 40 minutes ago
+ The Silverball Saloon scotthendler
Restaurants/Areaslast modified 13 hours 41 minutes ago
- The Silverball Saloon scotthendler
Barslast modified 13 hours 42 minutes ago
- The Silverball Saloon scotthendler
East Rochesterlast modified 13 hours 43 minutes ago
- The Silverball Saloon scotthendler
The Silverball Saloonlast modified 13 hours 44 minutes ago
Mr. Dominic's on Mainlast modified 13 hours 46 minutes ago
(No comment) scotthendler
Temporarily closed during pandemic scotthendler

Sunday, August 09, 2020

Skyview Park Apartmentslast modified at 01:48 PM
(No comment) scotthendler
Development Projectslast modified at 01:43 PM
+ Skyview Park Apartments scotthendler
2020/Closingslast modified at 01:32 PM
- Denny's all remaining locations. Still kept Victor as that is still closed scotthendler
Gone, But Not Forgottenlast modified at 01:31 PM
- Denny's scotthendler
Restaurants/Areaslast modified at 01:30 PM
+ Denny's scotthendler
Chain Restaurantslast modified at 01:29 PM
+ Denny's scotthendler
Dinerslast modified at 01:28 PM
+ Denny's scotthendler
Denny'slast modified at 01:26 PM
New phone number for Henrietta scotthendler
Revert to version 25 (Reopened). scotthendler
2020/Openingslast modified at 01:14 PM
+ Five Below Pittsford Plaza scotthendler
Pittsford Plazalast modified at 01:13 PM
+ Five Below scotthendler
Five Belowlast modified at 01:12 PM
+ Pittsford Plaza Location scotthendler

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