Atlantic Avenue

Travels east-west, through the eastern portion of the city and into Wayne County.
[WWW]Google Map of Atlantic Avenue and Route 286 - includes options for Street View.
Boundaries - West of Browncroft Blvd.
East - University Avenue
West - North Winton Road
Approx. 1.8 miles
Boundaries - East of Browncroft Blvd.
East - Ontario Center Road (NY Route 350)
West - Qualtrough/Clark Road
Approx. 10.5 miles

Atlantic Avenue is a continuous yet disjointed route that runs between the City of Rochester all the way to Wayne County. From North Winton Road in the city's Browncroft neighborhood to Qualtrough/Clark Road in Penfield it is called Browncroft Boulevard. Atlantic/Browncroft is commonly used to commute Rochester and its eastern suburbs.

The total length of the complete road, including Browncroft Boulevard, is approximately 15.2 miles.

City of Rochester

Atlantic Avenue has its western origin at the intersection with University Avenue in the heart of the Neighborhood of the Arts. Here you will find the iconic Flatiron Building. The triangular corner of Atlantic and University serves as outdoor seating for businesses during the warmer months. Overall, this is a very pleasant part of the city.

Between the train tracks and Culver Road Atlantic is briefly in the Beechwood neighborhood, followed by North Winton Village and a sub-neighborhood called Pocket. Urban Atlantic Avenue is a primarily a mix of light industrial and residential properties, although the following establishments can also be found:


route286signage.pngNY Route 286

Interstate 590 marks city limits in the Southeast Quadrant. The road continues as Browncroft Boulevard through the inner-ring suburb of Brighton. Atlantic Avenue resumes in Penfield at the intersection with Qualtrough and Clark Roads. Other important intersections are Whalen Road, Five Mile Line Road, Salt Road, Fairport Nine Mile Point Road (Route 250), and the County Line Road. Now deeply in the suburbs, Atlantic Avenue is actually semi-rural, populated primarily by small, neat houses.

From I-590 onward, Atlantic/Browncroft is also NY Route 286. Located here:

Take a turn north onto Jackson Road and visit the Thousand Acre Swamp managed by The Nature Conservancy in New York ([WWW]map).


County Line Road marks the boundary between Monroe and Wayne Counties. Atlantic enters the Town of Walworth and continues until meeting its eastern terminus at Ontario Center Road (Route 350). Note that its address numbering also restarts. Located here:



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