North Winton Road

Travels north-south from North Winton Village into Irondequoit
North - Empire Boulevard
South - East Avenue
Approx. 2.4 miles

North Winton Road is the northern portion of Winton Road. It travels north from East Avenue, near the border with Brighton, and into the inner-ring suburb of Irondequoit. Along the way, it passes through the following city neighborhoods:

North Winton enters Irondequoit at Spencer Road. Note that a large portion of Tryon Park and I-590 are considered part of the city, despite being north of Spencer.

Unfortunately, North Winton is a very poor street for bicycles, as it is has a lot of traffic and offers almost no shoulder.

Located on North Winton Road

Traveling north.

City of Rochester

North Winton in the city is a bustling blend of businesses, services, and residences. Its commercial vitality inspired the neighborhood formerly known as Culver-Winton-Main to be renamed North Winton Village.

Major intersections are University Avenue, Blossom Road, Humboldt Street, Atlantic Avenue, East Main Street, and Merchants Road.


North Winton in Irondequoit is predominantly residential. The northernmost part, however, is dominated by McAvoy Park. This section crosses over I-590 but does not offer access.


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