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Cycling is a popular outdoor sport in Rochester. The League of American Bicyclists has bestowed upon our fair city a [WWW]Bronze ranking for bike-friendliness, making us one of only three cities in New York State to receive such an honor (Buffalo also has a Bronze, although we got ours first; New York City has a Silver).

In 2011 the City of Rochester released a [WWW]master plan for the improvement of cycling amenities, with the eventual goal of achieving a Platinum ranking. Already our streets boast many bike sharrows and lanes, and not to mention miles and miles of mixed-use trails allowing easy access to places outside the city. Truly, Rochester is a wonderful city for the bicycle and will only get better. In fact,[WWW]a report by U.S. PIRG, released in December 2013, found that Rochester had the eighth highest increase of bicycle commuters in the country between 2000 and 2011. Good work guys! At the same time, vehicle miles driven by Rochesterians decreased 7.5%, while number of miles traveled on public transit went up 37%.1

To help you get started or carry on, this page provides useful information for the local cyclist. Let's keep it up!

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Safety and Security

Bicycles, particularly in urban areas, ride in the street in the direction of the traffic. Do not bike on sidewalks, as you will be a nuisance and hazard to pedestrians. If you must use the sidewalk, dismount your bike and walk it. Obey all traffic rules, especially stop signs and red lights. Wear light-colored clothing at night and make sure your bike has plenty of reflectors. A flashing light is required by law. These can be purchased at any bike store for as little as $10. New York State also requires a helmet for all cyclists under 14, although they are strongly recommended for everyone.

Bike theft is very common in the City of Rochester, even in the best neighborhoods. Do not use a cable lock as your sole security mechanism, as they can be easily broken by a good pair of hedge cutters. U-locks are a much better option, particularly smaller ones which are more difficult to pry open. Your best bet is a cable lock and u-lock together, with the former used to secure a quick-release wheel to the frame.

In the event that your bike is stolen, call 911. Make sure you have your bike's serial number written down. Carry it on you so you can include in the police report and claim your bike if it's ever recovered. The serial number can usually be found on either the underside of the bottom bracket (the part of the frame that your cranks go through) or, somewhat less often, on or near the rear of your chainstays (the skinny tubes that supports your rear wheel's axle) If you see your stolen bike out and about, call 911 instead of taking matters into your own hands.

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2005-04-30 07:17:16   Here is a cool site on a Bamboo bike frame [WWW]

2005-09-07 21:20:52   I'm in love with the Auburn trail in VictorRobertPolyn

2007-06-24 20:44:06   On Friday, June 22nd there were probably about 40 bike riders gathering on the corner of Park Ave and a side street about 3 or 4 blocks west of Culver. They all had white T-shirts on. Anyone know what the event is/was? —BadFish

2007-06-24 23:21:41   It was a memorial ride for Ben Pritchard. He died suddenly last weekend. If you're interested, here's a link to his myspace page which has some info about the ride: [WWW]

2007-06-25 09:53:33   I will check that out at home. Thanks very much and my thoughts are with his friends and family. —BadFish

2007-07-09 19:35:04   I suggest renaming this page Bicycling or Cycling. Biking is sometimes confused with motorcycling. —EricLarsson

2009-07-07 16:21:26   Seconding the comment by EricLarsson. Bicycling would be a more concise page name. —SB

2011-07-12 11:49:49   Here is a great resource to help people get a little more acquainted with some of the biking trails around Rochester. [WWW]

2012-08-08 22:36:16   for shops, I just heard about Bicycle Outfitters Inc in Brockport NY. I do not know about if there have a web page or what not but I will try to get some info on them. —bonnev659

2013-06-06 13:26:03   Singletrack Academy is a mountain bike skills instruction company that is available to help all riders - any age or ability level - ride better and have more fun. We offer clinics, lessons, a written curriculum, and youth programming. For more information, please visit: [WWW]http://www.singletrackacademy.comAdamReitz

2014-03-07 20:37:05   I went to Rochester Pro Cycle today.. it is not a store(kind of) but will do other items and has a virtual trainer. if one of the mods is okay, i can add it to the shops page. [WWW]