The Mendon Cyclesmith

1943 County Rd 14, Ionia NY, 14475
Hours (as of May 2010 per Website)
Monday, Thursday, Friday: 10:00AM to 6:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM to 4:00PM
585 624 2120
<craig AT mendoncyclesmith DOT com>
<cats3elton AT aol DOT com>

The Mendon Cyclesmith is a bike shop in the village of Mendon.

Be aware that Craig usually has his dogs at the shop—so if you are allergic and want to visit, call him first and he can arrange to leave the dogs home the day you come.


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2006-08-03 13:18:40   I know the owner, Craig Smith—GREAT GUY!! His family is terrific...great people to party with! —PeteB

2008-11-30 11:05:17   Craig is a good friend and all-around great guy. I've had him fully-overhaul two bikes for me, and bought my first full-suspension mountain bike from him as well. The shop is the quintessential small-town bike shop, a laid-back place that's as much a destination to stop and chat as it is a place to buy a bike or get yours fixed. Craig has a decent array of accessories, can order anything you could possibly desire, and has forgotten more about bikes than I could learn in a lifetime. —daverea

2009-11-05 17:11:01   Craig is the best. —SeanKealey