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7405 Dryer Rd Victor, NY 14564
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Yes, most areas including bathrooms
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Dryer Road Park is a multi-use 132 acre park located just outside Victor in the southeast corner of greater Rochester in Ontario County. The park was opened in May 2004 and contains two athletic fields, a box rink for roller hockey, a playground, and full flushing bathroom facilities.

Dryer Road Park also contains one of the largest and most comprehensive multi-use trail systems in the greater Rochester area. Total trail length is approximately 15 miles with access at multiple trailheads from the south side of the parking lot. It is open for use for mountain biking, hiking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.

The park contains a pump track and mountain biking skills area that includes wooden walkways, skinnies, jumps, and drops. There is a jump progression line and a slalom course for practicing berms and cornering.

The trail system is based around the XC Trail in the field at the top of the hill. A trail map, kiosk, and picnic table sit near the top of Kasha. Trails fan out down each side of the hill like spokes of a wheel, and loop trails connect the spokes at the outer rim. Dryer Rd Park contains the widest range of trails in the area, providing everything for first time hikers and mountain bikers to the experts. Trails are clearly marked and use a rating system like a ski slope - greens are easy, blues are intermediate, and black diamonds are expert only. Great beginner trails include Kaleidoscope and Kasha. Epping forest (with extension) is a great intermediate trail or warm up. Black diamond trails vary greatly, but can include steep switchbacks, drops, logs, and rough rooted terrain. Juicy Bacon is a long switchback filled example. Humpty Dumpty is a short but intense roller coaster ride. Keep in mind the rules: Fast yields for slow, bikers yield for hikers, carry in/carry out.

Some trails are marked as "one way only" so watch closely. The arrows at each end of the trail on the trail map indicate permitted travel directions. Moon Valley, Elevator, and Ladder are expressly created to quickly get you back up to the field for more fun. For mountain bikers, a common progression is to conquer the Moon Valley, Elevator, and then Ladder ascents.

Facilities are maintained by Victor Parks. Trails are maintained through a joint effort between the Genesee Regional Off-road Cyclists organization and Victor Parks. Regular trail maintenance meetups are held year round, and GROC is always looking for more volunteers.

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