Rochester Lady Bike Gang




The Rochester Lady Bike Gang is a local cycling group for women of all ages and skill levels. It was founded in July 2013 by members of the Rochester Bike Kids.

The regular monthly ride is held April-October. It meets in Cobbs Hill Park down by the pond, across from Lake Riley Lodge, 100 Norris Drive, the last Sunday of the month at 6:30PM and leaves at 7:00PM. See the Facebook page for other activities.

In Their Own Words

This is a group for fun-loving, female cyclists of Rochester. We'd love to see girls' nights rides, day rides, cruises, bicycle maintenance workshops and whatever it takes to empower women to ride bikes together, bond and build this city's culture. What would you like to see?


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2013-08-20 18:00:00   Rochester Lady Bike Gang rules!!!! —aliasouissi