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rtsparkavebusbyrocpicdotcom.jpgThe #1 Park Ave. bus makes its way down East Main St courtesy rocpic.com

1372 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14609 [Directions]
585 654 0200 - Headquarters
585 288 1700 - Customer Service
1 888 288 3777 - Customer Service Toll-Free
Wheelchair Accessible
<rts DOT customerservice AT rgrta DOT com>
Bus.jpgRTS bus not on a good day - by Andrew88

The Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority (RGRTA), a corporation under New York Authority law, operates bus services centered across a seven county area. Buses centered out of Rochester operate as Regional Transit Service. Other systems serve Batavia, and Livingston, Wayne, Wyoming, Orleans, and Seneca counties. The Authority also operates Lift Line for the physically disabled, commuter Park & Ride, and bus services and programs for the University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology, and area SUNY schools like Monroe Community College.

To reduce demand for driving and parking, the Authority helps coordinate [WWW]Ride Share carpools. All buses can carry bicycles on front-mounted external racks. For the unemployed, they offer [WWW]free rides to interviews.

The RTS Transit Center, located in downtown Rochester, is the central hub for all RGRTA buses.

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Their website includes a neat [WWW]trip planner, and an [WWW]online store selling passes, including 1-, 5-, and 31-day unlimited passes.


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2005-08-04 17:21:48   So, how is the bus system? I'm considering the feasibility of commuting on the bus. I love my car, but damn, it's eating into my booze-and-women money these days. —RyanTucker

2005-08-05 06:30:19   it depends on where your going and when, of course. but if you can commute easily with the bus then do it! :) —RyDahl

2005-08-05 09:02:34   I submitted a routing request last night; let's see if it's possible. Toronto has spoiled me. —RyanTucker

2005-08-09 18:39:54   ... still waiting. Hmm. OK, anyone know how to get from Field/Clinton to Bushnell's Basin and back? ;-) —RyanTucker

2005-08-09 18:48:58   The bus system actually works very well when you use it as intended. The intent is that downtown is the hub for all bus transfers. You can almost use the bus system with any planning this way: get on a bus in the downtown direction (I think all buses are either going to or coming from downtown). Get out at downtown, then look at the signs in the shelters to figure out what bus to get on next. I think the downtown-centric layout of the bus system is quite anachronistic given that downtown is no longer the focal point of Rochester that it once was. —TobinFricke

2005-08-09 18:53:16   Yup. It's inefficient for passengers, but without a rapid transit backbone, it's really tough to do anything else. I'll start working on a route to see what's workable... time passes OK, looks like I can catch the bus at the corner a bit before 7am and get to work around 8:10 or so, which is pretty good. If I miss it, I get to work at... 9:45. I'd have to not miss it I suppose ;-) —RyanTucker

2005-09-16 11:21:28   The online trip planner has crashed already. —TobinFricke

2005-09-16 14:04:12   The URL may have been a little session-specific, so I updated it. Seems to be working OK at this particular moment... —RyanTucker

2006-09-10 20:59:09   I used to take the bus to work when I was broke (I wasn't lucky enough to be given a car after graduation). I am really grateful for it. I used to the the #7 and transferred to the #16. It was interesting to see a lot of your regular business type people take the 7 and get off downtown. It reminds me of NYC. But when I would transferred to the Crosstown #16 and head to Greece, I would usually be the only person on the bus. —EmilyYang