Conkey Cruisers



Mailing Address
Conkey Cruisers, c/o Group 14621, 1171 N. Clinton Ave., Rochester, NY 14621
585 266 6196
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Conkey Cruisers is a grassroots bicycling program in the Conkey Avenue area of Group 14621. It was founded in 2012 by local resident Theresa Lou Bowick, a registered nurse. She was galvanized to action when a little boy mistook her for a parolee fleeing the police while she was out jogging. Bowick was subsequently determined to change her neighbors' perception of exercise. As luck would have it, the El Camino Trail was being completed at this time, and runs conveniently along Conkey Ave.

Conkey Cruisers hosts two weekly rides in the summer. The Biking-To-Better-Health Voyage departs from Conkey Corner Park at 5:30PM every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. A later ride leaves from the same location at 6:45. The event also provides an introduction to safe bicycling and education about healthy eating.

One of their goals is to win [WWW]President Obama's Active Lifestyles Award.


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