North Clinton Avenue

Connects downtown Rochester to the suburb of Irondequoit
North - Rogers Parkway
South - East Main Street
Approx. 3.5 miles

North Clinton Avenue is the northern continuation of Clinton Avenue. It is divided from South Clinton Avenue by East Main Street. Traveling north, it passes through the following city neighborhoods:

Long Acre Road forms the border with Irondequoit. North Clinton continues for another eight blocks before terminating at Rogers Parkway.

Located on North Clinton

Traveling north.

City of Rochester - Downtown

Intersects with Andrews Street, Central Avenue and the Inner Loop. Also part of the unfortunate Main St. East/North Clinton Avenue Retail District.

City of Rochester - Northeast

This section begins at the Inner Loop.

Upper Falls Boulevard marks the beginning of La Avenida, Rochester's Hispanic (mostly Puerto Rican) district, which stretches about 0.7 miles to Avenue D. It continues into the Group 14621 neighborhood, which has its southern border at Clifford.

Don Samuel Torres Park is bordered by North Clinton, Oakman St, and Siebert Place.

La Avenida officially ends here.

The historic [WWW]St. Michael's Church is on the corner of North Clinton and Evergreen St.

Major intersections are Upper Falls Boulevard, Clifford Avenue, Norton Street, the Keeler Street Expressway, and Ridge Road East.


This portion is almost entirely residential, with the exception of a few scattered businesses, mostly on corners.

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