Group 14621 Community Association

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1171 North Clinton Avenue, Rochester, NY 14621 [Directions]
585 266 4693
585 266 6196
<Group14621 AT Group14621 DOT com>

The Group 14621 Community Association, Inc. is the neighborhood association for the Group 14621 area. It also covers fellow northeast neighborhoods Northland-Lyceum and Homestead Heights, although most of those areas fall under the 14609 area code.

The association was founded in 1974 by neighborhood residents concerned about safety and zoning issues, and continues to be a resident-controlled organization today.

In May 2022 the NYS Attorney General petitioned the courts for dissolution of the organization, and its parent NorthEast Area Development, following the conviction of NEAD Executive Director George Moses.

From the Website

Our mission is to advocate for and to involve our community members in collective efforts to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. By so doing we enhance education, employment, housing and recreation opportunities for residents and foster personal responsibility, understanding and appreciation of our diversity and differences.


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