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Northeast Quadrant, right above Homestead Heights
North - Norton Street
South - Clifford Avenue
East - Culver Road and Waring Road
West - North Goodman Street
Neighborhood Association
[WWW]14621 Neighborhood Association

Northland-Lyceum is a residential neighborhood bordered by four commercial streets in the far northeast corner of Rochester. Most houses were built in the 1940s and '50s, giving the area a very mid-century suburban feel. Many elderly homeowners have resided there for decades and take great pride in their neighborhood, which remains very affordable and generally safe. The iconic Donuts Delite has been in operation since 1958.

Northland-Lyceum is often considered part of the Group 14621 Community Association, although most of its addresses fall in the 14609 area code. At one point there was a North Edge Neighborhood that had its own association, now defunct. This seems to have been an older name for Northland-Lyceum.

Note that the borders of the City of Rochester extend northward from Northland-Lyceum, using Culver Road to connect to Durand-Eastman Park (see map below).


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