Bausch & Lomb


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Bausch & Lomb was a locally-based company, well known for producing optical equipment for home and office environments, along with a dazzling array of stuff and things. The focus of Bausch & Lomb has shifted over time from lens manufacturing to eye care and pharmaceutical products.

The former Bausch and Lomb Headquarters is one of the more attractive buildings of Rochester's skyline.

Company Purchase

Alas, Bausch & Lomb was purchased by Canadian-based Valeant Pharmaceuticals from Warburg Pincus LLC for $8.57 billion in cash in 2013. They subsequently moved the company's headquarters to Bridgewater, New Jersey and vacated their downtown skyscraper. The building was purchased in 2014 by three local developers to be renovated into a mixed-use space with retail on the ground floor, tying into the work at nearby Midtown Tower.

There is still a manufacturing site at 1400 North Goodman Street, in the Northland-Lyceum neighborhood.


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2014-06-08 10:27:27   Do they still have employees in Rochester or are they all gone? —EileenF

2014-06-08 10:36:26   Still significant manufacturing operations on North Goodman, plus some of the admin folks have moved there from downtown. —jgerek