North Goodman Street

East side of the city (SE and NE) and into Irondequoit
North - East Ridge Road
South - East Avenue
Approx. 2.8 miles

North Goodman Street is the northern portion of Goodman Street. It is divided from South Goodman by East Avenue in Rochester and eventually enters the suburb of Irondequoit.

City of Rochester

Traveling north, North Goodman begins in the East Avenue Historic District and passes through the Neighborhood of the Arts. Here you will find the Memorial Art Gallery, Anderson Arts Building and the Village Gate. The road then takes an abrupt left and becomes Circle Street, which intersects with East Main. North Goodman resumes slightly further down by the Hungerford Building, which includes a small dead-end portion cut off by the railroad tracks. It would appear the street's original route predates the railroad and was disrupted by its construction.

Continuing along through the city's Northeast Quadrant, North Goodman now forms the border between several neighborhoods. They are:

Important intersections in the city are University Avenue, East Main Street, Webster Avenue, Bay Street, Clifford Avenue, and Norton Street. The latter forms the border between Rochester and Irondequoit.


Traveling north.

The grounds of the Memorial Art Gallery are bordered by North Goodman on the east.


North Goodman enters Irondequoit at Norton Street. A major intersection is East Ridge Road, one of the Rochester area's top shopping destinations. The Marshalls/Tops Plaza and a Tim Hortons may be found here. It is also at this point that North Goodman terminates and becomes Kings Highway South. The Keeler Street Expressway is the other big intersection.



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