Marketview Heights


P1010202.JPGHomes along Alexander Street, Oct. 2012.

The area around the Rochester Public Market in the Northeast Quadrant
North - Clifford Avenue
South - Inner Loop and East Main Street
East - North Goodman Street
West - North Street
Neighborhood Association
Marketview Heights Association

Marketview Heights is a predominantly residential neighborhood in northeast Rochester. Its name derives from the Public Market. It is also home to Greater Rochester Urban Bounty. The neighborhood is sometimes divided into North and South Marketview Heights, with the former's boundaries as Clifford Avenue, North Goodman, Central Park, and Portland Avenue. The Fourth Street and Peck Street Park, a small oasis in the neighborhood, includes a spray park in the Summer months.

For the most part, Marketview is a struggling area, although it has its nice pockets as well, mostly to the south. The Market District contains some wonderful restaurants, bakeries, and coffeehouses, along with the historic Station 55 loft apartments. The north end of Alexander Street terminates in a sub-section bounded by East Main, North Union Street, and Champeney Terrace that is widely regarded for its architectural character and concentration of young homeowners interested in urban living. East Main Street, meanwhile, forms a southern border with the trendy Neighborhood of the Arts and is similar in character to its East End portion, boasting several performing arts venues. The historic Eastman Dental Dispensary and Market Apartments at Corpus Christi are also located here and is in the process of being redeveloped.

The Hungerford Building and Rochester Greenovation in the adjacent Beechwood neighborhood are also within walking distance.


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