Clifford Avenue

Travels east-west, through the northeastern portion of the city
East - Culver Road
West - St. Paul Street
Approx. 3.4 miles

Clifford Avenue is a major route in the city's Northeast Quadrant. Traveling east, it forms the north-south border between the following neighborhoods:

Major intersections are North Clinton Avenue, Joseph Avenue, Hudson Avenue, North Street, Portland Avenue, and North Goodman Street. The El Camino Trail also crosses Clifford at the intersection with Conkey, where the park is located.

The eastern portion of Clifford Avenue is primarily low-income and working-class residential. Establishments here tend to be corner stores, churches, and auto shops. There are many vacant lots and abandoned houses. The street steadily improves as you get closer to Culver and the mix of businesses starts to pick up.

Located on Clifford Avenue

Traveling east.

There is a Rite Aid and Chase bank on the corner of Clifford and Portland. 7-Eleven is on the corner of Clifford and Culver.

Culver Road marks the border between Rochester and the inner-ring suburb of Irondequoit. Once over Culver, Clifford turns into Empire Boulevard.


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