Hudson Avenue

North-south from the city's NW Quadrant into Irondequoit
North - Titus Avenue
South - North Street
Approx. 3.3 miles

Hudson Avenue is a major north-south route between the City of Rochester and the suburb of Irondequoit. Starting just north of downtown in Upper Falls, it enters the Group 14621 neighborhood at Clifford Avenue, continues into the LeFrois Street Area, and then Irondequoit at East Ridge Road. This part of the town is the district of West Irondequoit.

Other major intersections are Upper Falls Boulevard, Norton Street, the Keeler Street Expressway, and Titus Avenue. Hudson Avenue also crosses railroad tracks near Skuse Street in the city.

According to [WWW], Hudson Avenue was the first street not located within the City of Rochester to be fully paved in 1898.

Located on Hudson Avenue

Traveling north.

City of Rochester

Hudson Avenue in Rochester is impoverished and occasionally dangerous. Especially to the south, it is marred by abandoned buildings, vacant lots, and slumlord housing. Indeed, the homeless shelter [WWW]House of Mercy serves some of the city's most downtrodden residents. Hudson nevertheless has some active clusters of retail, mostly corner stores, beauty salons, and cell phone places. Several establishments attest to the area's rich history of Eastern and Central European immigration.


Hudson Avenue becomes increasingly commercial as you get closer to Irondequoit, although things quiet down and residential use returns north of Hill Court Circle.

Irondequoit Plaza, Ridge Hill Square, Hudson & Ridge Hudson Plaza are several shopping centers located just off Hudson Avenue that back up to it.


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