Upper Falls Boulevard

Northeast Quadrant, along Lomb Memorial and Baden Parks
East - Hudson Avenue
West - St. Paul Street
Approx. 0.8 miles

Upper Falls Boulevard is a crescent-shaped route in the city's Upper Falls neighborhood. It is lined primarily with commercial properties, some light industry, and low-income housing projects. Upper Falls Plaza, containing a Tops, is a major presence, as are a few medical practices affiliated with Rochester General Hospital. The boulevard's western endpoint at St. Paul Street is notable for Lomb Memorial Park, which includes a 48-foot obelisk located on the street's grass median. Baden Park is also located along Upper Falls.

Upper Falls becomes Bausch Street west of St. Paul Street and Cleveland Street east of Hudson. Important intersections are North Clinton Avenue and Joseph Avenue. The corner of Upper Falls and North Clinton marks the gateway to La Avenida district.

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