Joseph Avenue

Runs north-south through the Northeast Quadrant
North - Norton Street
South - North Clinton Avenue
Approx. 1.8 miles
Neighborhood Association
[WWW]Joseph Avenue Business Association

Joseph Avenue is a north-south route that runs through Upper Falls and Group 14621 in the City of Rochester. This was a historically Jewish neighborhood until around the mid-twentieth century, when the Great Migration brought increasing numbers of African-Americans to the North. The 1964 Race Riot began near Joseph Avenue on Nassau Street, and much of the violence took place in the area. Today, the street is lined primarily with low-income housing on the south end, which after Rauber Place gives way to single-family homes and some scattered commercial activity. There are also many churches and non-profit services.

Although most of Joseph Avenue lies within the Crescent of Poverty, the Joseph Avenue Business Association has received a significant amount of press in 2014 for its neighborhood revival work.

Major intersections are Central Avenue, Upper Falls Boulevard, Clifford Avenue, and Norton Street. It also crosses train tracks. Once over Norton, Joseph Avenue turns into Seneca Avenue, which intersects with the Keeler Street Expressway and Ridge Road East before entering Irondequoit at Long Acre Road.

The Amtrak and [WWW]Greyhound stations are both located off Joseph Avenue on Central and Cumberland Avenues.

Located on Joseph Avenue

Traveling north.

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