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Nonprofit Organizations play a vital role in our community by focusing resources and providing services to community needs without regard to profit. See our Talk Page for additional terminology and discussion of not-for-profit organizations.

On this and related pages we include a variety of organizations, some more formally organized than others. Some of the nonprofit organizations, such as hospitals, are categorized into separate collections, either here or on separate pages. Also Activism lists many typically less formal not-for-profit groups that believe in a cause.

Most of these organizations are actively soliciting volunteers - see individual organization pages or their websites for more information. Our Volunteer page also lists several volunteer "matching" resources as well as organizations other than nonprofits that are looking for volunteers.

Our Categories of Nonprofit Organizations


Arts Related Organizations

Business & Economic Development

Children and Families

Community Organizations

See also: Rochester Neighborhood Associations

Cultural Organizations

Health, Medical and Related Organizations

Social Groups



Women's Groups

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2007-01-11 15:59:19   does anyone see conflict with having this page and a separate "volunteer" page? They contain some of the same links, should maybe this page be removed and/or combined with the Volunteer page? any thoughts? —AlexanderGartley

2007-01-11 18:15:19   Sounds good to me - go for it. —RottenChester

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2007-03-02 19:29:47   I would say merge into this page... —PeteB

2007-11-02 07:52:19   RochesterCares is a great volunteer site — they help connect volunteers with hands-on service projects. They even have a calendar of opportunities on their website. And I know they work with a number of area nonprofits.If you want to get involved, this is a great place to start! —AmyVball

2008-07-31 09:28:53   This page is referenced on the Volunteer page, so it would be helpful to put a link to the organizations Volunteer, Help, or What Can You Do page of their website - or their number for volunteering. —BradMandell

2016-01-06 03:18:08   Nonprofit Career - [WWW] free job board for the nonprofit sector —saurabmarjara

2021-11-13 11:24:29   How can I add a nonprofit organization?