National Kidney Foundation of Upstate New York


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310 Packetts Landing, Fairport NY, 14450
585 598 3963

The National Kidney Foundation of Upstate New York is a nonprofit organization that supports those with diseases of the kidney.

See NKF Touch-A-Thon, the Subaru Touch A Thon for National Kidney Foundation.


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2012-02-22 17:36:52   The kidney car commercials are the reason I don't listen to some radio stations in Rochester. —DamianKumor

2012-02-22 18:12:20   As a person with stage 4 kidney disease, I'm not completely convinced of the NKF's desire to help those waiting for transplants. A live-donor kidney is the BEST for transplant, but the donation surgery is a much more involved surgery than the recipient surgery is, and a kidney donation essentially guarantees that you will spend at least the next 2-3 months recuperating. Anybody who is willing to donate a kidney to a stranger, therefore, is deserving of at least some compensation, yet the NKF consistently rejects any such proposal, leaving the possibility of live-donor transplant limited to those who either have a willing family member, or else those who know a donor that's independetly wealthy and altruistic. The alternative is to wait for a cadaver kidney, which never lasts as long (my mother outlived 2 of these), or else to remain on dialysis of whatever type you use forever.

Sadly, I suspect that the NKF's rejection is due to one of 2 facts:

1)Dialysis is a big business (the AVERAGE cost for dialysis is approximately $1000/week, including all types of dialysis nationwide), and they want it to remain that way, or

2)Charity is itself a big business, and drastic improvements to the majority of KD patients will reduce their ability to stay employed (trust me, it is....).

I certainly hope that the NKF re-evaluates their stance on this subject. —Alex-C