Rochester Mentors

Mailing Address
1900 S. Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14618
Suite: Lifespan
585 271 4050

Rochester Mentors is a nonprofit organization promoting mentoring in the Rochester Area.

Check their [WWW]Information Sessions schedule for an opportunity to learn more about mentoring.


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2013-12-31 16:59:59   Website gone - was a 3 year project that seems to have wrapped up by Fall 2012 - GBNF? —jgerek

2014-01-01 14:09:27   I don't think this was meant to be a closed ended project. The organization's founder was Jeff Newland who was found murdered in a Pittsford corn field in Nov '12. While it may have GBNF potential, maybe wait a bit to see if friend and/or colleagues may pick up the torch? —badfish