Open School of Rochester

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261 Winbourne Rd, Rochester NY, 14619 [Directions]
585 219 8949
<rochesteropenschool AT gmail DOT com>

The Open School of Rochester (aka Open Learning Foundation) is a nonprofit foundation named after the UK Foundation of the same name. The UK foundation is dedicated to creating a non-compulsory educational alternatives and inspired the [WWW]Summerhill and [WWW]Sudbury Valley School. The Rochester foundation was formed in 2008 by local parents seeking a similar educational experience for their own children. The Foundation is currently focused on recruiting a group of founding families with which to launch the Rochester Open School in the Fall of 2009.

The Open School of Rochester is a private school under development in 2008 to create a non-compulsory educational alternative for the Rochester area. See their [WWW]About Us for the schools open learning concept and implementation.

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