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Rochester, NY is located in the center of Western New York, the portion of NY which sits atop Pennsylvania. Census data for 2010 shows Rochester having 210,565 residents living within the City of Rochester, and a total of 1,079,671 in the Greater Rochester Area. City population continues to decline while suburban population continues to grow slowly.


Rochester is bordered by Chili to it's southwest, Gates to it's west, Irondequoit to it's northeast, Brighton to it's south and east, and Greece to it's northwest. A tiny bit of it also borders Irondequoit to it's south, west, and east. It touches Lake Ontario to it's north and the Genesee River cuts it in half. Seneca Park Zoo is on the border between West Rochester and Irondequoit.

Brief History 1

In 1811 Colonel Nathaniel Rochester and his partners surveyed their land and offered lots for sale in Rochesterville. Rochester was incorporated as a city in 1834, primarily on land purchased from the [wikipedia]Seneca Indians about 50 years earlier. The Genesee River was the economic engine of the era, powering numerous mills that led to Rochester being labeled the Flour City. Shoe and clothing manufacturing and the nursery industry replaced milling as the economic focal point between 1850 and the turn of the century.

Irish laborers for the Erie Canal and German tailors and seamstresses comprised a large percentage of the non-native population of the 1800s, but a tidal wave of Italian immigrants began arriving in 1900 and has remained influential since.

Bausch and Lomb and Gleason Tool led the manufacturing charge after the [wikipedia]Civil War, but George Eastman's Brownie camera became the single most significant invention of the region and spurred substantial job growth until the [wikipedia]Great Depression made photography too much of a luxury for the common man. But [wikipedia]World War II created a need for optics, precision grinding and other manufacturing, and then came the introduction of the electrophotographic copier by Haloid/Xerox.

The end of the war was also the start of suburban growth. The city's population loss was initially offset by the migration of blacks from the south in search of manufacturing jobs. But hand-in-hand with that came stress on the infrastructure — housing, schooling and medical services — and Rochester was slow to react. According to the PBS Documentary July '64, Rochester's major employers refused to hire or promote African-Americans, despite record low unemployment rates.

Three days of riots broke out in July 1964, resulting in four deaths and numerous arrests. Saul Alinsky, an organizer of note according to some and a rabble-rouser according to others, soon arrived and the FIGHT organization (Freedom, Independence, God, Honor, Today) brought forth gifted black leaders including the Rev. Franklin Florence and Dr. Bernard Gifford.

Later William A. Johnson Jr. became the city's first black mayor in 1994, stepping into a most challenging era for Rochester. Kodak has shriveled to a mere shell of its old self, overwhelmed by complacency in the early days of the digital photography boom. Both Xerox and Bausch and Lomb have also reduced their presence in the region. Meanwhile the health care industry, higher education and smaller technology companies have become important drivers of the area's economy.

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Areas of the City are defined by Rochester Neighborhoods as well as Real Estate Quadrants and still a few Wards.

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