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6 Haloid Street, Rochester NY 14606

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2010-04-08 07:48:24   I am old enough to have actually used Haloid photographic paper. I liked it as much as the Kodak, and thought some types of it gave better renditions than Kodak of the equivalent contrast rating - but the chemicals and paper back then were so variable that may have been a coincidence. When they stopped making photographic paper and went to Xerography, I thought they must have something really important lined up to drop the photographic paper line. But I was only a child, so who invests from that point of view...? (Variables, for those who were not around for the old photo stuff: age of paper, storage conditions before use of chemicals and paper, oxidation, temperature, water quality, light spectrum in the enlarger/printer, probably more.) —JackGreenky

2012-04-09 11:00:48   Question for anyone: Does anyone have any information about where Haloid was working with The Rank Organisation (U.K.) in 1952-53? I have reason to believe The Rank Organisation (U.K.) was in Iran. Can anyone comment on this? —JanieCram