Gone, But Not Forgotten

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  1. Art and Culture
  2. Bakeries
  3. Bars & Clubs
  4. Festivals, Events, Venues
  5. Friends & Family
  6. Groups and Organizations
  7. Hotels
  8. Publications
  9. Restaurants
  10. Retail
    1. Bookstores
  11. Salons and Spas
  12. Schools and Lessons
  13. Services
  14. Sports, Fitness, Recreation
  15. Tattoo Parlors
  16. Miscellaneous

Our Gone, But Not Forgotten page provides an index into our archival pages for various Rochester entities that are no longer active. The page helps keep the listings accessible and not "Orphaned Pages"

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Please add entries in their appropriate category in alphabetic order (ignoring A, The, etc) and using last names for persons.

You may also refer to Outdated Pages for news items and other RocWiki page content which became outdated and no longer useful for current active linking.

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