Comix Cafe

Former Location
3450 Winton Place Plaza, Rochester NY, 14623
CLOSED as of 2006

See Gone, but Not Forgotten


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2007-12-29 00:42:01   Recently went and enjoyed the acts, however, was not impressed by the policies held by management. Instead of forcing you to order food/drink+tip once inside, they should just add more to the initial fee if they want to screw their guests. The wait staff tries to force their cold food and weak drinks down your throat the entire time you're trying to enjoy the acts. —CharlieBeltram

2008-05-01 22:10:53   Highly enjoyed the acts, however, completely disappointed about the way things were done there, couldn't even concentrate on the acts as waitresses were always in your face. Also, we were charged about $2 more per meal than stated on the menu (not gratuity that was also added automatically even though our waitress was horrible). When we complained we were given a "on the menu it states that prices were subject to change" in all these changes added about $10 to our bill. Their policies treat their customers as crooks. Food was terrible. —MarkjWilliams

2008-05-02 12:13:30   Comedians are great, but Rochester really needs a better comedy house.

The location is a dump. (big black warehouse with cheesy bar outside, and its in a strip mall.)

The food is horrid and they only have a subpar beer selection, reminiscient of your favorite dive bar. Come on! Beers of the World is next door. —MrRochester

2008-06-16 11:52:31   I'm told they went out of business. Currently no comedy club in Rochester. —MaxCalvada

2008-06-16 12:02:17   They were open like two weeks ago... —SaraChristine

2008-06-20 23:16:47   >>They were open like two weeks ago... —SaraChristine<<

Not anymore. IRS agents padlocked the place. Taxes not paid. Both Rochester and Buffalo are now without comedy clubs. —MaxCalvada