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Former Location
165 State St, Rochester NY, 14614
CLOSED (as of January 2012)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

The owner temporarily closed the restaurant in October 2011 after battling kidney disease, but decided to permanently close it in January 2012.


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2008-04-03 15:26:42   Went there last weekend...still open :) —RachelBlumenthal

2008-07-31 13:31:24   I dont care for O'Bagelos bagels, but I LOVE Brownsteins bagels, so I guess it must be the way O'Bagelos cooks the bagel. Its a cool shop with a nice owner. Very old school inside with funny signs all over. Still the only good bagels are NYC bagels, OBagelos taste very Lenders like. —MrRochester

2008-10-17 10:51:17   Try one of the turkey sandwiches - you won't regret it. O'Bagelo's also has very good breads in addition to the bagels. —DavidPausch

2009-11-10 23:04:41   Turkey sandwiches are amazing! Everything he makes is pretty delicious, but especially the turkey. It is in-house roasted turkey breast. The best! —VinceC

2010-03-15 13:39:18   Dont forget about the soup. It tastes like it is homemade. The portabella mushroom bisque is great. —ScottLaRock

2011-10-20 13:51:19   Best oyster soap on the East coast! Yes, been to Maine, RI and up and down Cape Cod as well. John knows what he's doing. —MarcusConge

2012-02-09 18:56:04   Nooo! I'm saddened by John's kidney disease AND the closing of his restaurant. He had the best turkey sandwiches (actual roasted turkey, not slices) and amazing soups, bisques, and chowders. Not to mention his breads, which I ended up buying instead of Wegman's.

You will be missed. —thealchemist