Rochester Closings in 2012
Month Unknown Anthosuas Restaurant
Month Unknown Antiques and Old Lace
Month Unknown Bada Bings Pizzeria
Month Unknown Black Pearl
Month Unknown Blue Room
Month Unknown Caribbean Chateau
Month Unknown Carmine's Express
Month Unknown Chicken Moms
Month Unknown Ciao Baby's BBQ
Month Unknown Coliseum Pizza Roma
Month Unknown DeMonte's Break Room
Month Unknown Despatch Pizza Kitchen
Month Unknown Diamond Delights Bakery
Month Unknown Duck Soupe
Month Unknown Gianna's NYC Italian Kitchen
Month Unknown Indulge Ice Cream
Month Unknown JG Crummers
Month Unknown Jade's Hair
Month Unknown Jonzey's Literacy Lounge
Month Unknown LJ's II Jamaican Cuisine
Month Unknown Margie's Family Restaurant
Month Unknown Market Café Restaurant
Month Unknown Mr. Sam's Pizza Kitchen
Month Unknown Petrella’s Pizza Plus
Month Unknown Pie Lady's Pastry Shop and Cafe
Month Unknown The Pig
Month Unknown Pub 511
Month Unknown Punta Cana Restaurant
Month Unknown Scene Ultra Lounge NY
Month Unknown Six Pockets Billiard Cafe
Month Unknown Solia Boutique
Month Unknown Taste of Japan
Month Unknown Utopia Stamps and Craft
Month Unknown Vic and Irv's
Month Unknown WhatchaGotCookin
Month Unknown Wilson Farms
Month Unknown Elm Grove Family Restaurant
January Lombardi's Bar & Grill
January Nick's Barbeque and Pizzeria
January O'Bagelo's
January Pittsford Seafood Market
January Portofino Bistro
January 31 Dartmouth House Bed and Breakfast
February A.D. Flint
February Concetta's
February East Garden
February Ferrara's Pizza and Subs
February The Grill at Strathallan
March Casa Azteca
March Cimino’s Pizzeria & Birdland
March Expressions Clothing
March McGhan's Nearly Famous Pub
March Miniroo
March Three Beagles Cafe
March 31 Eye-Candy Clothing
April Caribbean and Mexican Grill
April Le Bon Vie
April Max Market
April Rochester Gold & Diamond Buyers
April Monroe Diner
April 20 Mythos Cafe
May Crazy Egor's
May Seoul Garden
June Fedele's Deli
June iTastea
June Living Room Cafe
June Lunch
June Mercury Opera
June Stephen's Loft
June 23 Paola's Burrito Place
July Definitive Apparel
July Los Amigos
July Moonshine BBQ
July Paulie's Pizza
July Soundworks
July Park & Oxford Cafe & Delicatessen
August 1 Golf Play Cafe
August Henry B's
August Mike's New York Diner
September Charlotte Hots
September Piatza's Pizza Gourmet
September Pizzeria 5
September Roc City Skates
September Sammich
September Wellness Within
September Yaeger's Fine Wines and Spirits
October Anchor Sports Bar and Grill
October Crocus Clay Works
November Al's Stand
November Devi Yoga changed name to Inward Office Yoga
November Elixir
November Jackson & Hines
November J.J. Wingers
November Lickety Splits
November Palermo's Meat and Food Market
November Revolution Spa & Nails
November Telltale Tattoo
November Zebb's Deluxe Grill & Bar closed their Greece location
November Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe closed their Monroe Ave location
December Arete' Gallery
December Copper Grill
December Friendly's closed their Fairport location
December Heavenly Melts
December The Houghton Book Shop
December Kirkpatrick's
December ROC River Coffee Co.
December Rolling Pin Bakery & Catering
December Rapid Refill