Zebb's Deluxe Grill & Bar

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Former Address
1890 South Clinton Avenue, Rochester NY, 14618 [Directions] (Brighton)
Status (as of February 2018)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2008-05-16 12:53:55   Denny's with a different name. There are better diners in Rochester. —MrRochester

2009-05-20 14:00:01   The booths are quite small can be uncomfortable if you aren't the ADA's average joe.

Veggie burger left little to be desired. —OutandAbouttheRoc

2009-09-15 00:56:33   We've been there a few times because we live close. It's not great, but not bad either. The atmosphere could be a lot better; I think they went for sort of a '50s diner look, but it's not all that comfortable.

Anyways, the food's fine. Not great, but fine. Pretty much what you'd expect for the price. The burger toppings bar, however, is kickass. They have what's essentially an all-you-can-eat salad bar just for burger toppings, and it has pretty much any topping you might like. Oh, and according to my wife and despite one user's previous comment, they have one of the best veggie burgers she's ever tried. —hermhut

2010-08-09 13:59:14   I love Zebb's. It is NOT Denny's with a different name! They have fresh cut fries, fresh baked desserts (their chocolate chunk cookies and brownies are a-ma-zing) , an interesting menu and friendly service. I have been going there for over 15 years. —sarah

2010-09-25 08:20:17   Went with a party of 6, placed us in two booths... finally put some tables together after complaining. They claim to have the best burger in Rochester - not even close. Asked to have lettuce, tomato on my burger, was told I could go to "the fixin's bar"... why did my wife & son-in-laws burger come prepared? Dining out is not for sustenance, I'd go to Wegman's for that, it is supposed to be fun, I am paying to be waited on, if I have to do your job and prepare my burger it takes away from it. And whilst I am whining, what is with the practice of paying a cashier? I don't like waiting in line to give you money, please have the server take my bill. Atmosphere of the place was ok, the bar area looked nice and spacious, food was ok, service was ok... in a city with so much to choose from, ok doesn't cut it. —SteveRobida

2011-03-01 14:26:51   We decided to try out the new location. My husband got a reuben and I got the ceasar chicken salad. Not so good. Wilted lettuce, grilled chicken, a ton of raw mushrooms, one tomato and dressing that tasted like it was from a bottle. Not what I expected at all and quite disappointing. —BelPenda41

2011-10-26 01:52:03   SteveRobida needs to understand that all sandwiches are allowed to visit the toppings bar. If you order a specialty sandwich, obviously its going to come with whatever toppings define the sandwich. If you just order a burger here, they leave it up to you to make it the way you want. I don't think that's such a bad concept. Unfortunately, the toppings bar was not so spectacular when we visited. The variety was pretty good, but most of the produce was limp and/or wilted. The wait service was decent and our food came pretty quickly. I ordered my burger medium rare, but it seemed to be mostly rare. I actually don't mind this, but others might. —IanNorfolk

2011-10-26 01:59:46   I forgot to mention:

1. they grind their own beef
2. they bake their own bread/cookies
3. they cut their own fries

so on that note:
1. although pretty tasty, my burger was very, very, very, greasy
2. the roll was ok but maybe a bit small. my wife's rye for her reuben was awesome, though!
3. the fries were definitely limp. i didn't finish them. —IanNorfolk

2012-06-20 14:42:38   Brighton Location: I've been here a few times with friends. The last couple of times I have found my burger to be on the dry side and cooked to well done no matter how they were ordered. I have found that their non-burger sandwiches are usually good. Fries have been consistently limp, but I actually like them that way... —AndrewL

2012-11-22 10:05:20   Greece location is closed —mwspear