Jonzey's Literacy Lounge

Former Location
808 South Clinton Avenue, Rochester NY, 14620

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2011-07-13 20:28:31   Hello as the owner I can proudly say this is a great addition to the south wedge area. Jonzey's Literacy Lounge is a place to come in and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. We offer books, magazines, small foods and snacks, beverages, FREE wi-fi, great customer service and more. We also offer services such as publishing books and housing local authors, Open Mic nights and Party hosting.

Call for more info: 585-244-3967 and feel free to ask any questions! —JonzeyLiteracy

2012-02-21 09:36:28   This sounds really cool! —EileenF

2012-03-03 20:27:08   I stumbled on this place by accident and am sitting here now enjoying the free wi-fi and truly charming atmosphere. It's a beautiful space to sit, work, read, and browse. —StevenLandsburg

2012-10-20 16:01:08   Closed, empty, phone disconnected and "For Rent" sign in window. GBNF? —jgerek