Henry B's

Former Location
140 East Ave, Rochester NY, 14604
CLOSED as of August 2012

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2009-08-20 11:08:57   ask for Melina to be your server :) —limeylimer

2009-10-27 10:53:22   Service started off poor. We were seated and waited a while for server to come take drink order. We had to then ask for a wine list (and specify if we wanted listed for by the glass or bottle). We finally get the lists and then had to wait a long time for the server to come again to take our drink order. They took our food order at the same time since we had already waited so long. I should point out that this was a Monday night and it wasn't that busy. In general it took a long time for anything to get to our table, drinks,bread,water,etc. so I won't keep repeating that part. The bread came with three different toppings, white bean, honey butter, olive tapande, which were all tasty although the honey butter was sweeter than what I like with my bread. We had the clams appetizer which was also good. It was $16 for 13 clams so it was a little pricey. Keep in mind that all items on the menu are priced for two so divide by two for the per person cost. We had to ask for more bread and it came with a completely hard end on the 'fresh cut' side. It had clearly been sitting out for hours. We then had the Gnocchi Papa which had a red tomato bolognese. It also tasted good but there was nothing overly special about it. It was more than enough for two of us and cost $20. Brought the rest home. For desert was the Tiramisu which I normally don't like but thought this one with it's raspberry chocolate syrup on the bottom made it much better. A good mascarpone to lady finger ratio as well. So, while the food was good tasting the service will have me questioning a return visit. Also, I tried to pay with an AMEX gift card but it wouldn't work at this restaurant for some reason. —dladue

2009-11-30 11:37:57   A friend joined me for dinner this past Saturday @ Henry B's/Sagamore Grill. The service was poor. Almost insulting. The only person that was pleasant was the host - he was very accommodating. The food on the menu is family style meaning all the portions are too be shared. This was not explained to us or even printed on the menu. Ordering two entrees will feed at least 6 people. Every time I think that 2 bowls of pasta, a calamari appetizer and 2 drinks was over $90 after tax and gratuity. I get annoyed when I think about Saturday Night because I feel taken advantage of. I did see the prices on the menu but when they do not inform you how to order = not right. You do not always want to leave with leftovers especially if you are walking over to see a show or some other performance. The food - our calamari was cooked well enough but the remoulade was weak near bland. My companion ordered the Gnocchi alla Mamma – Homemade gnocchi tossed with tomato basil sauce and Parmesan Reggiano. This to was weak. The gnocchi were rubbery and the sauce bland. You can see the chiffonade of basil but did not come thru in flavor. This dish she did not want to continue eating. The dish that I ordered Pappardelle Con Ragu alla Bolognese – Sausage, beef, and veal slowly simmered with San Marzano tomatoes served over pappardelle was the best dish of the evening. The pappardella did seem freshly made unlike the gnocchi which made the dish but unfortunately the sausage did dominated the entire flavor of the dish so it was Pappardelle with sausage sauce. The wines offered by the glass seem to be unimaginative and dominated by popular mass produced reds. We both walked away from Henry B's feeling that they do not try and in turn they do not "hit the mark". Service is un attentive and unfriendly (stay far away from Amanda behind the bar - she is not happy to serve or wait on you), food is as weak as their wine list. The only thing I walked away impressed about was the decor and atmosphere which had a lot of good energy. I should have discussed with others before I dined there because when mentioned to others that they to have been there they concurred. Am I planning on giving Henry B's a second chance? Not in the near future. I would if it was only the food that was off, but not on they way they treat their customers. I spent a lot of time looking around the establishment to see if it was just my server - NO. In these lean times with the economy there are better ways to spend my money for a pleasant meal in a restaurant in Rochester. —RSA1256

2010-02-09 09:18:28   Went to Henry B's this past Saturday — 5 couples in total. I had read reviews on this site and others so I kinda knew what to expect. After arriving early and having a drink at the bar we were seated promptly at 8:30, it was very busy. The waitress explained the menu and how the "family style" worked. We ordered some wine. The restaurant is very well decorated but was loud. We order two app's , two salads and 4 entree's in total. The gnocchi( 3 ways) was excellent . The waitress did an excellent job helping us order just the right amount. The food was all very good and we had a great time.

I would definitely go back as long as it was with group of 6 or more and we had 2 hours or more to eat...

I get the concept and everyone in our group enjoyed it! —TimHowes

2010-05-26 16:43:02   Henry B's - wouldn't recommend unless you want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for VERY mediocre food. The service left an even worse taste in our mouth. While the restaurant comes off as classy place it is just a front for snotty service and over priced food. It’s too bad as I expected a lot more. I’m all for paying for a good meal but this just was not worth it!!! —AW

2010-12-18 13:49:24   My husband and I try out different fine dining restaurants each week, which we have been doing for the past 3 years. I must say that our outing to Henry B's was the absolute worst experience we have ever had at any restaurant. The salads were overpriced for the product, bland and insultingly small. Though we found the menu a bit limited, we assumed the meals would be of a more meticulous quality, as is often the case with finer dining. Sadly, our meals were also tasteless and of poor substance. To top it all off, the hostesses were discourteous to say the least and getting our vehicle back from the valet service was about as pleasant as having a tooth pulled at the dentist. The only good thing I will say is that the décor was nice and the live music playing by the bar was enjoyable to listen to. A manager did stop by our table and seemed to be a pleasant man, but I wondered if he ever tried the food he was serving. Bottom line: Avoid this place, there are SO many other wonderful restaurants in Rochester. —DApril

2011-07-23 17:27:40   Went last night with my wife and another couple. Food was good. They no longer server family style, everything is now per person servings. Food was good and on par with other upscale Italian restaurants. The atmosphere is nice. Manager took us on a tour and showed us their new wine room. Nice place to be able to eat and hear the conversation with the people at your table. —ScottHendler

2011-09-29 14:45:36   We ate there last night and were very disappointed. The portions were small and prices very high for the quality, size and service. Small salads were $8 each. Rigatoni with an occasional chuck of chicken (pasta e polo) was $16 and a small thin piece of chicken parm with a cup of pasta was $20. Bill was $56 w/o tip. Rochester has many good Italian restaurants that give you an good value of quality, service and good portions..Henry B's is not one of them. I have heard that ownership changed over the past year and the results have not been good. Unfortunately, I got the news too late. —roch06

2012-08-14 19:14:44   I can hardly believe it. When this place opened, it was touted as being the cornerstone of the new, 'upscale' East End. Now, after several East-end 'drunk-fests' and a lot of annoyed customers, Henry B's has closed and it's going to be replaced with (drumroll, please..)...a MOE'S!!!!! Oh, I feel so sorry for all those suckers who bought those ridiculously expensive apartments in that building, who will now have to smell browning taco meat every day! —alex-c

2012-08-15 08:57:20   I'm disappointed for the same reason. Assuming they closed for other reasons than Alex-C implies (such as retirement, etc.), couldn't they have put another high-end restaurant in that space? A place like Moe's should be in the Lower East End.

Although on the flip side, at least the space won't be vacant. Nothing worse than a vacant commercial space in a busy neighborhood. —EileenF

2012-08-15 14:02:52   According to the D&C today, Henry B's space was originally intended for two restaurants. It will be divided again into Moe's and a new business called the East End Bistro and Dessert Bar. It was also pointed out in the article that upscale restaurants like Henry B's often struggle in weak economies. —EileenF

2012-08-15 14:20:52   I actually think a place like Moe's is not a bad idea. Upscale eateries may look nicer and add to the upscale look of the neighborhood , but more people will eat at Moe's and it will bring more foot traffic to the neighborhood. I think Rochester needs to tone it down a little with the super-pricy restaurants, how often are people really paying $30 for dinner for 1? I don't think people are necessarily going to go for a $10 "artisan" (read:tiny) sandwich for lunch, but they will go for a monster burrito. Let's all stop being such food snobs, Moe's is good for what it is: a reasonably-priced casual eatery. —PDub