Arete' Gallery


Arete.JPGJune 2012

Former Location
663 North Winton Road, Rochester, NY 14609

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

I am very sadden to say that I will be closing Arete’ Gallery for good. It’s been a very hard and stressful decision I had to make and have decided to close the doors as of November 30 2012...So come in and shop now.
I want to express how truly honored and blessed I have been to share this journey and to be surrounded by such Talented Artists. Some of them, I hope and pray will be in my life forever…Every Artists has Brightened my Life in one way or another and I Thank them with All my Heart.
I want to Thank my Family and Friends who have supported me once more on what some might of thought was a crazy venture but they were always there to give support and love…never judging…just excepting me for the crazy Entrepreneur I am.
If you know me, you know I always say “Everything happens for a reason”…This venture brought me back Home to Rochester to My Family, I have another venture in the works that would of never appeared without this venture, and I have reconnected with Old Friends as well as made some New Incredible Friends. Business ventures that don’t work out the way you intended are not failures…they are learning experience for the next venture. Failure Is Impossible
I want to wish All the Artists from Arete’ Gallery and everywhere else the greatest amount of success on their creative ventures and remember never give up your dream…I know I won’t. XO


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