JG Crummers


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Former Location
1665 Penfield Rd, Penfield NY 14526
Closed (as of 2012)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

They closed sometime in 2012


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2008-04-25 09:19:29   very fun great atmosphere —PiatzasPizzaGourmet

2008-04-25 14:01:45   Ok dive bar and pub grub restaurant. If you work at Paychex you will make it there at some point.

I have only been twice but both times there have been people with babies there, I dont know if they come from the trailer park in East Roc off 441?

I have never seen the Reese Witherspoon movie about Alabama or something, but the commercial resonates with me "You brought your baby to a bar?" —MrRochester

2011-04-02 16:51:04   Best bar food in Rochester! Must try their Tiger Wings and Tiger Burger. VERY GOOD and reasonably priced!!! Haven't had a bad meal yet. —BradtheMailman

2012-06-07 11:12:08   Closed. —cbcritic