Scene Ultra Lounge NY

Former Location
359 East Ave., Rochester NY, 14604
CLOSED (as of March 2012)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Previous incarnations of this location include Hush, Syxx, and before that Barfly.


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2011-09-09 01:59:39   Went on a Thursday which might have been a mistake. At 12:30 it was still pretty empty. The crowd was mostly the Asian frat from U of R and a random mix of fairly awkward guys - a lot of people were also underage. Several break dancers were entertaining but took up the entire (small) dance floor. The DJ was good but with no one dancing it was a waste. I had a hard time getting served while the guys around me had no problem. We were carded multiple times which was weird because we had wrist bands. The decor was really cool - one of the best in Rochester - and I can see it being a worthwhile place if a decent number of people were there/a different better crowd of people. Drinks were fairly priced but were served in cheap disposable cups which seemed pretty tacky to me. —eklie

2012-01-23 09:23:04   I have been a few times on a Friday or a Saturday, and it's always been pretty busy. I had no problem getting a drink, though I am a guy. Drinks are stronger than any where else on East End, in my opinion. It's an okay place. I couldn't go there more than a couple times a month. —DE