Former Location
359 East Ave, Rochester NY, 14604
CLOSED -Date Unknown

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2008-05-18 19:05:53   This is now known as "The Bar." The above phone number does not work, and when I asked if they had a phone number, they said no. One of the bouncers here took my ID away from me on a Thursday when I didn't have a second form of ID. When I went back that Saturday to retrieve it, the bouncer said he never took any ids away and the management said the bouncers turn in all IDs they take, and they didn't have my ID. They were rude and unhelpful and I would suggest not giving this place your business.

(A side note - I did return Friday night and the bouncer/managers weren't there yet, so the bartender invited me to sit down and have a drink while I waited. I didn't want to stick around and wait, but I was NOT asked for ID. Guess the police weren't around that night and they were comfortable serving alcohol to people who look under 21.) —SaraChristine

2009-05-20 14:02:51   Not even close to the old barfly. Music is awful and crowd is obnoxious. to comment above, the bouncers at the old barfly and karma would give IDs they took to friends or girls they knew who needed an ID. it's a younger crowd. i mean much younger, not 21 yet crowd. —Leisel