Punta Cana Restaurant

Former Location
1930 Ridge Rd E, Rochester NY, 14622
CLOSED (as of 2012)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Free Delivery - see phone number above.
It closed sometime in early 2012.

Notes, References:
[WWW]Punta Cana is a resort area in the Dominican Republic. - Wikipedia
RocData page, shows they passed their initial food inspection (Food Health and Safety Inspector) April, 2010.


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2010-07-11 00:52:34   My partner and I tried this place this evening. He had the Rotisserie Chicken ($10) and liked it, but said there wasn't anything special about it— it was like rotisserie chicken you can get anywhere. I guess he was expecting something with some exotic seasoning. I ordered the Salmon ($15) which came in a butter and garlic sauce. I liked it very much; the salmon was slightly caramelized on the outside, and not overcooked on the inside. We both ordered "yellow rice" with our dinners, and we both liked that. Service was *very* slow. We went in around 7:30pm, and didn't get served dinner until after 8:15pm. It's possible this was either a fluke or one of our dinners took an excessive amount of time, since other people who came in and ordered after we did got their food before we did. My partner also ordered a flan for desert, and liked it— it was a traditional flan with a pineapple sauce on top.

One last thing— MOFONGO! The menu has MOFONGO on it! I didn't know what that was until I later [WWW]looked it up, but it didn't really matter what it is, because the word itself sounds cool. On the menu, they have the names of dishes in Spanish followed by their English translation. Do you know what the translation is for mofongo? IT'S MOFONGO! It sounds like a deposed African leader, or maybe it's a forbidden dance, part of some dark Santeria ritual! No, mofongo is just a mound of mashed plantains and garlic and other things (in this case, pork). I didn't try it, but with a name like a terrifying 1950's horror film ("Curse of the Mofongo!"), dare I? DARE YOU?!!!

2010-09-03 14:36:26   I wish they had a menu posted on there web, it would be more intrested. I loved the comment tht John Passantiti gave it was funny hahahaha. —Ana

2010-09-03 15:18:51   Ana, they don't have a website. I did a google search to make sure of that. —DamianKumor

2011-02-04 13:59:32   I stopped in briefly and ordered coffee and a coconut flan which caught my attention when I saw one being decorated with whipped cream, a cherry and sprinkled with grated coconut. It was one of the best flans I have eaten and the toppings were a plus. I saw nicely arranged plates pass by me and made a mental note to come back soon for dinner (probably for Valentine's since I live in Buffalo). Anyway, about the mofongo, don't be shy about ordering it since this is the dish that all of the restaurants in San Juan push on the tourists (and probably in Santo Domingo too). —YuriCisneros

2011-02-13 15:34:20   Visited this restaurant on a Saturday evening at about 7:00. Friendly service, very attentive staff. The food was delicious and we couldn't believe how big the portions were. Keeping in mind that we ordered from the food already prepared not freshly made, I am adding the following comments only so the restaurant can improve, they are not meant as a put down as we are very happy to have the new restaurant in our community. The food was barely warm it would have been nice to have the waitress warm the plates in a microwave before serving them. As for the decor, they should definitely get rid of the glittery stuff wrapped around the inside columns. Other than the menu items already prepared, your food will be made fresh and from scratch so be prepared to wait. The delicious Caribbean flavor will be worth your wait. Keep in mind they don't have their liquor license yet. Good luck to them and I hope they stay around for a long time. —Bella

2011-04-04 08:04:43   My roommate and I stumbled across Punta Cana last night at about 9:15pm. We were thrilled to find a restaurant open late on Sunday night! Having never heard of this place we had no idea what to expect. After perusing the menu and recruiting our server for some guidance we went with the mofongo, fried pork, and rice with red beans. Everything was fantatsic. I'd go back just for the mofongo- It was so tasty! The combination of the starchy plantain, fried pork, garlic, and onions... nom nom nom! The staff were friendly and accommodating and the food is reasonably priced with huge portions. (We spent under $20 and could have fed 3-4 people.) I'll definitely be going back! —PamKeebler

2011-04-15 11:43:51   With regards to the previous comments concerning the website - note that there is now a website and the link on this page is correct. However, the phone number (which is the same as the one listed on their website) does NOT work. —AJH

2011-04-15 11:59:37   Revise that last comment - I tried calling twice more, and the number worked the third time. —AJH

2011-08-05 15:43:40   Went to Punta Cana last Friday and was very pleased. Don't judge the place by the outside it is very charming inside and has a great island vibe. The empanadas were perfectly fried, not greasy at all and the sauce they were served with was excellent. The ceviche was some of the best I have had, absolutely delicious with lots of cilantro and lime juice - you'll want another order! I could take or leave the plantains both fried (tostones) and sweet. The fried ones needed seasoning and could have been a little thinner and the sweet ones weren't quite sweet enough. The arroz con pollo was very good, excellent traditional flavor with tender chicken and large green olives. This was my first experience with mofongo and I was slightly dissapointed. I didn't realize how dry it would be, the flavor was great but it just wasn't what I expected. The beans and rice were good but not the best Dominican style beans I've had. The coconut flan was very thick for flan, not very custard like but it was still very tasty and SWEET! Definetely try this place you get a lot for your money and it is great homestyle food. —TiffanyBarber

2011-08-29 14:28:59   We went here on Saturday night (8/27) and couldn't have been more pleased. The owner was extremely nice. She offered us samples of some of her fantastic homemade juices to try before we committed to a whole glass. After deciding on the passion fruit and tamarind, we dug into our empanadas and chicharrones. Fantastic! The spicy homemade sauce served with the empanadas was to die for. The pork rinds were sublime albeit intense. Fatty, salty, crunchy, all of the things that pork skin should be. For entrees, we went for the mofongo and fried pork. Portions were huge and each was delicious. I would highly recommend this place. —KatyHanson