Max Market

Former Location
2949 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14618
CLOSED (as of April 2012)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Despite a sign on the door in April of 2012 that it had plans to reopen after renovations, it never did so.


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2008-11-05 11:11:57   Stopped by here last night to pick up dinner. Got a jamon serrano 'bocadillo', a chicken salad croissant, a mushroom deliciousness (I forget what it was called), and a bread pudding. All of it was delicious, but it seemed the bread pudding was missing something. Doesn't matter, I'll be back many more times. The breads were all AMAZING. Some may think it's "pricey" but I think it's totally worth it. —MarcVera

2008-11-07 09:39:19   Stopped by to see what it is like. The prepared meals looked good but were a little pricey. I ended up buying a triple espresso cupcake for $4.00 and some black rice. The cupcake was delicious. It will be interesting to see if Rochester can support this place and Mis En PlaceScottHendler

2008-11-07 12:17:13   It's one stop gourmet shopping. For the quality and availability of what's being offered, I would venture to say it's a bargain. Cheese, Aged beef, hard to find sundries under one roof? Things I order online I can pop over and pick up at my convenience. I didn't find any of Mis en Place's offerings very compelling - outside of some sorbets - a small shelf of produce, and some common canned goods, it's more convenience store than gourmet. Not that there's anything wrong with that. —GordonAnderson

2008-11-16 10:14:34   Max Market is quite a different beast from Mis En Place. Max Market is about the Dean and Deluca style "gourmet shop" with Max's fine prepared food. Mis En Place is great for local grocery needs and prepared foods. It is in my neighborhood and it is fantastic to have it so I don't have to drive to wegman’s to get great meat and other fresh cooking supplies. The intent is not to be a gourmet sundry shop.

Where the two compete is the prepared foods. This is comparing apples with apples. Ken vs. Tony is like David vs. Goliath. They both have amazing prepared foods and fantastic meals to go. I think it is better than sitting down at the restaurant and the cost is incredibly affordable for the top quality you get at both places. Ken keeps pace with Tony on most levels, which I would say is impressive. Tony does trump him with experience (period). Support them both. Rochester needs another couple strong links in its food chain. —mydarndest

2010-10-19 13:19:22   I appreciate having Max Market as a an upscale lunch option nearby! However, on my last few visits, the register staff has trouble answering questions about items in the bakery case (is the frosting buttercream? is that cake filled with anything?), and is often confused on pricing. Today I ordered a salad to go, and when I got to the office to eat it, found it was missing an ingredient, and the salad dressing (on the side thankfully) was all oil. Not sure where the disconnect is, but hope they fix it soon. —JBeez

2011-09-27 10:04:25   Best chicken in Rochester - airline cut! Buy it, coat in whatever seasonings you like on your chicken, pan sear in a little butter and olive oil, and then finish in a 400-degree oven for about 20 minutes. Deeelish! Also, try the wild mushroom tartlet, excellent side dish with the chicken. —DavidGottfried