Flour City Pasta


4462258609.jpgFormer location of Flour City Pasta (Perinton) 4462259887.jpgFormer location of Flour City Pasta (Perinton)

2060 Oneil Road, Macedon, NY, 14502
585 880 6733
[WWW]Facebook Page

Flour City Pasta is a bakery that specializes in organic handmade pasta, including gluten-free varieties. In 2012 the owners opened a retail store in Pittsford, which they closed in September 2014 to focus on expanding flavors and distribution.

Their products can be purchased at:


In October 2015 Flour City Bread Co. announced that Flour City Pasta was threatening them with legal action over their use of the name "Flour City," which Flour City Pasta says infringes on their trademark within their product category. Flour City Pasta, on the other hand, argued on their [WWW]Facebook page that "One of the requirements of having a trademark is making sure that other people don’t use our name in our product category. Our category is food products. It’s called 'policing the mark'. It’s designed to protect the public." The bread folks pointed out that Flour City has been a Rochester nickname for over 150 years and some 60 businesses since then have used it.
Flour City Pasta countered that "No one, least of all us, has a monopoly on the name Flour City. Anyone who claims that we are trying to make money by controlling the name 'Flour City' is misinformed."


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2015-10-04 19:27:37   1) You're located in MACEDON. That's not even in Monroe County. Your retail store was in Pittsford.

2) Your six-year-old business does not own a 150-year-old nickname, especially one that's already been used by dozens of local businesses.

Seriously, what a joke.

2015-10-04 21:20:03   This legal action is silly and frivolous, we won't be making any purchases from this company, they should be concentrating on their product, not baseless legal claims. —DottieHoffmann

2015-10-05 10:22:10   I for one will NOT be doing business with this company after what they're trying to do to another LOCAL (which is the complete opposite of this company) business. The legal action they're taking against Flour City Bread is ridiculous, and is going to cost them a lot of customers.

Also, $9 for pasta that falls apart in the water? Please, you can do so much better out there. —FoggyDudes

2015-10-05 10:43:37   This legal action by Flour City Pasta is a foolish tactic that’s sure to garner more backlash than benefit. Their product is also a prime example of when local is not better. Any mistaken association with the Bread Co. could only be favorable to Flour City Pasta and certainly not the opposite. —jjjingleheimer

2015-10-05 11:21:24   For the record, I actually like their pasta. It makes a great gift. Very disappointed by all this. —EileenF

2015-10-06 18:29:51   This legal action leaves a bad taste in my mouth, the Rochester area and Rochesterians are the backbone the "Flour/Flower City" not some company who not even located in Monroe County.