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pl2.jpg10-2010 Parkleigh.jpgParkleigh, 4-2009

215 Park Avenue, Rochester NY, 14607 [Directions]
Hours (as of April 2010 per Website)
Monday - Friday: 10:00AM to 8:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM to 6:00PM
Sunday: 10:00AM to 5:00PM
Also see the [WWW]Store Calendar
585 244 4842 / 585 244 7773
Toll-Free Phone
800 333 0627
Wheelchair Accessible
<customerservice AT parkleigh DOT com>
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Parkleigh is an upscale boutique on Park Avenue. The store has a selection of Vera Bradley, MacKenzie-Childs, Trollbeads, Crabtree & Evelyn, Kiehl's, eShave, The Thymes, Republic of Tea, Woodstock Chimes, Nancy Gong Glass, Primal Elements, Lake Champlain, Hedonist, Moonstruck, Godiva and more. There is a small Fair Trade selection as well.

Parkleigh has been a neighborhood staple for decades. They were originally a pharmacy.

In 2015 Parkleigh expanded to the space across the street, 235 Park Avenue, previously the home of A Step Apart.




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2006-05-23 14:22:56   I am OBSESSED with this store. If you're looking for nice and/or quirky gifts for friends, look no further. They have a huge selection of all sorts of humorous, pretty, and useful things. I could easily spend hours in here—it's made up of multiple rooms that seem to go on forever. —RachelBlumenthal

2006-05-23 21:02:13   They do have a bunch of nifty stuff, but it's all pretty pricey. I have had a friend or two work there, and heard they treat their employees pretty harsh and expect a LOT out of them though. —FarMcKon

2007-02-09 10:32:47   The employees are always really helpful to me - Maybe because I'm a guy and they realize I'm clueless when it comes to scented lotions and stuff. They also stock nice shave products like badger-hair brushes and creams. I highly recommend the e-Shave almond shave cream. It smells just like an almond-paste danish from Leo'sEastSideStephen

2007-02-09 13:01:55   [WWW]Cosmo's Limitless Sauce is now available for puchase at Parkleigh —ThomasMyers

2007-06-08 20:44:46   They treat their employees like crap— you can take my word for it, I worked there! —CarinaDestito

2007-12-11 17:30:58   Full of the most overpriced crap ever. You can get many of their items elsewhere for cheaper. And, yes, they treat their employees like crap. —TexasTransplant

2008-03-24 20:01:39   This page looks more like a sounding board for former employees and their friends to cry about their "unfair treatment" than it is to review the store, which is unfortunate. I've worked there for 6 years now and my fellow employees are part of the reason I still do. The other major reason is we have really unique gift items in ALL price ranges that make it fun to merchandise, as that is what I do. I encourage people to stop by and check us out. Where else can you get a great gift for $10 and get it boxed and ribboned like it is a $100 gift, for free? Seriously, we haven't been in business for almost 50 years for nothing! —MelyssaLembke

2008-06-19 00:42:38   They have some cute stuff, especially if you're looking for a baby gift or something quirky for a friend. A little overpriced for some items, but they sell high quality stuff across the board and there's a reason they charge those prices. They do often have good deals, as well, like the strands of butterflies they were selling last Christmas for around $10 or the infinity candle holders for around the same price. —MariahBetz

2008-12-23 15:09:23   Love this shop. Its got a very cute assortment of items. I always buy little gifts from here. Nice toiletries and accessories. —SaRoyal

2009-09-25 14:50:45   Today was the worse day at Parkleigh... Being shoved off to four different registers. Totally cool with it the first two times but the third time was because a customer wanted to have individual car freshners wrapped for friends. So I went to a different register and shoved off again. I was angry and wanted to just get out of the store and than chased by two associates one being a manager just trying to get me to take the coffee. That turned a bad situation into a humiliating one. So from there I called cause I never want to step foot into the store again so I wanted off the mailing list and ask since the coffee was ground to put aside for my husband to pick up. As I was making sure they still had the coffee I WAS HUNG UP ON! I use to love the store but now I will not step foot to buy anything. Which is too bad since I use to buy my coffee, tea, shower stuff, chocolate, and vera bradley from them. —MagsC

2009-10-12 14:52:15   In regards to comment made on 2009-09-25 14:50:45 by MAGSC -

"Being shoved off to four different registers" - Out of my ten years shopping at Parkleigh, I have NEVER NEVER been shoved off or treated as viewed you have. I have always had a excellent shopping/browsing experience. Their superb service and the atmosphere is what attracts me there. I have had the situation where the sales associate have SUGGESTED not told me to try another register because they would be a while wrapping/helping another customer, as was in your case at your third register (individual car freshners wrapped) That happens everywhere. I am sure you were frustrated, but how did it get to be such a "humiliating" experience for you? I am sure you reacted in a way that you embarrassed yourself. The two associates were most likely trying to figure out what had made you so upset and offered to make things better by insisting you take the coffee is what I would of expected. So you went home, called them and they really hung up on you???? I am picturing you acting as a raving lunatic, but its great that you realized they were going to give you something for free so you were going to have your husband go and pick it up. Maybe you should did it yourself and let them apologize. You no longer stepping into Parkleigh will make my next experience more of a pleasure knowing your crazy self will not be in there to ruin my shopping experience as must of for the other customers. I applaud the service I always receive at Parkleigh. I mean where can you have a gift wrapped any time of the year and what a variety of unique gifts! Have fun shopping at Wal-Mart I hope you get the shopping experience there you are so lacking. —danr