Heavenly Melts

Former Location
660 W Ridge Rd, Rochester NY, 14615
CLOSED (as of 2013)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

It opened on March 14, 2012 and was closed by December 2012.


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2012-04-26 09:14:20   When I saw that this place was opening, I was really excited. I LOVE grilled cheese, especially "fancy" grilled cheese. I wanted to love this place, but sadly, I didn't. We got 4 sandwiches (The Mexi, The Harvest, The Totally Cheezy, and The Buffalo Chicken) and split them. While they were all good, they weren't great. The Harvest was really overwhelmed with too much pear and not enough bacon and marscapone. And the $6-8 dollars a sandwich didn't really seem to justify the price given lackluster sandwiches. We also got 2 sides of mac salad which was good, but again, not great. This brought the bill to around $30 for four of us. For that price, there are many other places that I would rate above this one. The guy who was working (the owner's friend) was really nice and friendly. I really want this place to do well and I hope they can get some feedback and make some changes. I will try them again, but it is definitely 2 strikes and you're out! —dmarie

2012-04-28 15:12:31   My husband and I just got home from there and it is AWESOME! I had the Buffalo Chicken and he had the Portabella Mushroom. Both were so good! We also both had the tomato soup which was by far the best I have ever had. So amazing that we went back and got more to go. I was literally sad when my lunch was over, and can't wait to get back. I think this is my new favorite place! —Kristy

2012-04-30 16:41:54   I'm afraid I have to agree with dmarie. Was really looking forward to trying this place and was VERY disappointed. Had the Totally Cheesy and it was way more bread than cheese, 3 slices. The cheese that was there tasted bland like processed cheeses do. The tomato soup was like water - no body what so ever. I kept tasting it thinking there must be some tomato flavor somewhere....but no more than a hint, like Campbell's made with water but less flavor. It eventually went out the window. Hopefully I caught them on a really bad day because the concept and menu are great. Now if only the food was too..... —katsweeney