Vic and Irv's

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4880 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14622 [Directions]
Hours (as of June 2010)
Monday - Thursday: 11:00AM to 9:30PM
Friday & Saturday: 11:00AM to 10:00PM
Sunday: 11:00AM to 9:00PM
585 544 7680
<vicandirvs AT gmail DOT com>
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Vic and Irv's is a restaurant located in the Seabreeze Area, down by the Irondequoit Bay inlet on the Irondequoit side. Vic and Irv's has been doing business for decades at this location. The business is now under new management (as of april 2012).

They advertise their Homemade Onions and have a number of special offerings like Fried Baloney with grilled onions.

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2006-11-19 18:54:37 I have spent some good summers feasting on burgers and hotdogs at the counter. Go check it out for some real Rochester fare. —JonKyle

2007-05-09 09:53:25   I first went there in 1952 and although I now live in Seattle, I go there everytime I come back to visit relatives. It still has the best hamburger sauce I ever ate. I wish I had the recipe. May you live long and prosper. —BruceGailey

2008-05-28 15:26:00   Had a veggie burger there once a while back. It was good for a veggie burger. Their fries are very good. The people there are friendly. —EugeneCain

2009-07-16 11:37:16   Amazing. Burger was full of beefy goodness and had a great flavor. Loved the hot sauce. Loved the onion rings. IMHO, this place blows away Tom Wahls, Schallers (gag me), and Bill Grays. —MarcVera

2009-08-13 21:41:15   Went there tonight and will never go back. Got a hot dog and returned it because my first bite was not anywhere near being warm. They took the hot dog that I bit off of and put it back on the grill and served it to me. It seems like a health issue to take eaten food and place on a grill that cooks other people's food. I asked for my money back, which I got, but not one person apologized. I would NOT recommend going there just for it being a health issue. GROSS! —lilBiscotti

2015-07-27 15:03:33   The original Vic and Irv's closed in November 2014, Bill Grays has since purchased the building and plans to expand into that spot. An seperate restaurant called Vic's Place has opened further up the road made up of several former employees and has much the same menu and recipes. It was named Vic's Place as a tribute to the original but isn't the same. ([WWW] —abraxas