Ciao Baby's BBQ

Former Location
421 River St, Rochester, NY 14612
CLOSED (as of 2012)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

They officially opened on April 27th, 2010 and were closed as of 2012.


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2011-09-28 15:40:30   I made a reservation for a Sat. night at 7 a month or so ago, and when we got there, there was hardly anyone in there. The owner, (I assume) approached us, and we gave our name and he said it would be a few minutes so they could clear a table. We looked around & 90% of the tables were empty. Nothing to clear. We sat at the bar & waited about 20 minutes & the owner never came back. The bartender said they were "really busy because of the boaters," (which we never saw-we didn't even see a waitress or waiter) and finally asked us if we wanted to eat at the bar, and because we were hungry, we said "yes". Then he said he didn't have a menu, but had a hand-written list of what was on it. So we read a 4x6" piece of paper with a few things listed, and placed our order. The food took forever to get to us, too. Meanwhile, there was another couple at the bar who was also waiting forever, & they got upset, made a bit of a scene for being ignored, and left. Overall, the food was nothing to remember, except for the Mac & Cheese side-it was VERY GOOD.There is no ambiance-decor is cheap & tacky- looks like it hasn't been updated since the 70's. Overall, we were very disappointed & and we will never go back. —DonnaDoody